20+ Slang for A Sailor (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does A Sailor Mean?

A sailor is a person who works on ships or boats, typically as a member of the crew. Sailors are responsible for various tasks related to the operation and maintenance of the vessel, including navigation, steering, rigging, and other duties necessary for safe and efficient maritime travel.

Slang For A Sailor

Slang Words for A Sailor

Here is the list of slang words for A Sailor:

  1. Salt
  2. Swabbie
  3. Shellback
  4. Deck ape
  5. Sea dog
  6. Old tar
  7. Landlubber
  8. Skivvy waver
  9. Anchor clanker
  10. Bubblehead
  11. Squid
  12. Sea puppy
  13. Bilge rat
  14. Scuttlebutt
  15. Bosun
  16. Deck snipe
  17. Sea legs
  18. Bluejacket
  19. Gun deck
  20. Ahoy

Slang Terms for A Sailor with Meanings

  1. Salt – Experienced sailor.
  2. Swabbie – Navy enlisted person.
  3. Shellback – Sailor who’s crossed the equator.
  4. Deck ape – Deck or line-handling sailor.
  5. Sea dog – Old, experienced sailor.
  6. Old tar – Old-time sailor.
  7. Landlubber – Someone inexperienced at sea.
  8. Skivvy waver – Signalman.
  9. Anchor clanker – Boatswain’s Mate.
  10. Bubblehead – Submarine sailor.
  11. Squid – Generic term for a sailor.
  12. Sea puppy – Young, inexperienced sailor.
  13. Bilge rat – Engineer or below-deck sailor.
  14. Scuttlebutt – Gossip or water cooler.
  15. Bosun – Boatswain, responsible for deck crew.
  16. Deck snipe – Engine room crew.
  17. Sea legs – Ability to balance on a ship.
  18. Bluejacket – Enlisted sailor’s uniform.
  19. Gun deck – To fake or avoid work.
  20. Ahoy – Greeting or attention-getter.

Use of A Sailor Slangs in example Sentences

  1. He’s no rookie; he’s a seasoned salt.
  2. I met a friendly swabbie at the port.
  3. After the ritual, he’s now a shellback.
  4. They called him the quickest deck ape.
  5. Years at sea made him a sea dog.
  6. Legends spoke of the wise old tar.
  7. He felt out of place, a true landlubber.
  8. The skivvy waver signaled the ship’s approach.
  9. That anchor clanker sure knows his knots.
  10. My cousin’s a proud bubblehead now.
  11. Met a squid with incredible sea stories.
  12. That sea puppy learns really fast!
  13. The bilge rat fixed the engine quickly.
  14. Heard any good scuttlebutt lately?
  15. The bosun ordered the deck cleaned.
  16. A deck snipe can fix anything mechanical.
  17. After a week, he found his sea legs.
  18. The bluejacket stood at attention.
  19. He tried to gun deck his chores.
  20. Yelled, “Ahoy!” when he spotted the island.

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