20+ Slang for Big Fish (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Big Fish Mean?

“Big Fish” refers to an important or influential person, especially in a small community or organization. The phrase originates from the notion of a large fish in a small pond, emphasizing its prominence or dominance.

Slang For Big Fish

Slang Words for Big Fish

  1. Bigwig: Important person
  2. Muckety-muck: High-ranking individual
  3. Top dog: Dominant individual
  4. High roller: Wealthy gambler/spender
  5. Heavy hitter: Influential person
  6. Big shot: Important person
  7. Big cheese: Significant individual
  8. Head honcho: Chief or leader
  9. Big gun: Influential person
  10. Major leaguer: Person of importance
  11. Kingpin: Central important person
  12. Top banana: Leading person
  13. Main man: Most important male
  14. Grand poobah: Person with much influence
  15. Big enchilada: Major person
  16. Top cat: Dominant individual
  17. Main squeeze: Most important person
  18. Alpha: Dominant individual
  19. Captain: Leader or chief
  20. Bossman: Person in charge

Use of Big Fish Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She’s the company’s bigwig in marketing.
  2. Talk to the muckety-muck for permissions.
  3. He’s the top dog in our team.
  4. Steve’s a high roller in Vegas casinos.
  5. She’s a heavy hitter in politics.
  6. Ever met the town’s big shot lawyer?
  7. He’s the big cheese in this club.
  8. Consult the head honcho for final decisions.
  9. The event was attended by several big guns.
  10. He’s definitely a major leaguer in writing.
  11. The kingpin of the operation was arrested.
  12. She’s the top banana in the play.
  13. That’s Jack, our team’s main man.
  14. The conference was led by the grand poobah.
  15. He’s the big enchilada in local business.
  16. In cartoons, there’s always a top cat.
  17. Jenny is his main squeeze these days.
  18. In wolf packs, there’s an alpha leader.
  19. Talk to the captain for sailing directions.
  20. Ask the bossman about the schedule change.

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