30+ Slang for Stupid (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Stupid Mean?

“Stupid” refers to a lack of intelligence or common sense. It can describe decisions, actions, or individuals perceived as lacking in judgment or understanding.

Slang For Stupid

Slang Words for Stupid

Here is the list of slang words for Stupid with meanings:

  1. Dense – Lacking understanding or awareness.
  2. Dopey – Slow-witted or simple-minded.
  3. Dull – Lacking interest or excitement.
  4. Dumb – Lacking intelligence or understanding.
  5. Thick – Slow to understand; dense.
  6. Dim – Not bright mentally; slow.
  7. Airhead – Silly, unintelligent, or forgetful.
  8. Dingbat – Silly, eccentric, or stupid person.
  9. Doofus – Clumsy or stupid person.
  10. Dunce – Person slow at learning.
  11. Ditz – Scatterbrained or air-headed person.
  12. Numbskull – A person lacking in judgment.
  13. Bonehead – A stupid or inept person.
  14. Dumbo – Referring to someone as slow-witted.
  15. Knucklehead – Foolish or stupid person.
  16. Muppet – Silly or incompetent person.
  17. Nincompoop – A silly or foolish person.
  18. Nitwit – Silly or foolish person.
  19. Peanut – Dim-witted or insignificant person.
  20. Pinhead – Stupid or foolish person.
  21. Twit – A silly or foolish person.
  22. Birdbrain – A person with silly or scatterbrained tendencies.
  23. Chowderhead – Dull-witted or stupid person.
  24. Clod – Dull or clumsy person.
  25. Dunderhead – A dull-witted person.
  26. Lamebrain – A person who shows poor judgment.
  27. Mug – A person easily fooled.
  28. Noodle – A person lacking in common sense.
  29. Pillock – A foolish or annoying person.
  30. Plonker – A silly or inept person.

Use of Stupid Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Stupid:

  1. She was so dense about the joke’s meaning.
  2. He acted dopey after staying up late.
  3. The movie plot was incredibly dull.
  4. I felt dumb not understanding the reference.
  5. He’s a bit thick when it comes to math.
  6. His response was so dim, that everyone stared.
  7. She’s an airhead but means well.
  8. Don’t be a dingbat; think it through.
  9. Only a doofus would forget those keys.
  10. He stood there like a dunce.
  11. She’s a ditz but very sweet.
  12. Why’s that numbskull making loud noises?
  13. That was a bonehead move at the game.
  14. Don’t act like a dumbo in class.
  15. Can’t believe that knucklehead spilled the beans.
  16. You’re acting like a real muppet now.
  17. That nincompoop forgot the main ingredient!
  18. Stop being a nitwit; focus!
  19. He’s a peanut in the big scheme.
  20. Don’t be such a pinhead; listen up!
  21. She called him a twit for teasing.
  22. Quit being a birdbrain; it’s simple logic.
  23. That chowderhead forgot the meeting again.
  24. The clod dropped the vase.
  25. Only a dunderhead would believe that story.
  26. Stop with the lamebrain ideas; think smart.
  27. He’s such a mug for scams.
  28. Use your noodle and solve it.
  29. Don’t be a pillock; respect others.
  30. That plonker parked in two spaces!

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