20+ Slang for No (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does No Mean?

“No” is a negative response or denial, indicating a refusal, disagreement, or lack of permission or consent. It conveys the absence or negation of a positive or affirmative action or statement.

Slang For No

Slang Words for No

Here is the list of slang words for No with meanings:

  1. Nah: Informal way to say no.
  2. Nope: Casual negative response.
  3. Nada: Spanish for “nothing”, means no.
  4. Zip: Zero or nothing; no.
  5. Zilch: Absolutely nothing; no.
  6. Nix: Reject or veto; no.
  7. Negatory: A formal or playful no.
  8. Bupkis: Yiddish for “nothing”; no.
  9. No way: Strong refusal or disbelief.
  10. Ain’t happening: Definitely not going to occur.
  11. Diddly squat: Nothing at all; no.
  12. No dice: Rejection or refusal.
  13. Nah-uh: Informal and playful no.
  14. Not on: Not acceptable or possible.
  15. Null: Zero or lacking; no.
  16. Not a chance: Absolutely no possibility.
  17. Forget it: Dismissive way to say no.
  18. Thumbs down: Rejection or disapproval.
  19. Hard pass: Firm refusal or rejection.
  20. Nay: Formal or old-fashioned no.

Use of No Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term No:

  1. I asked him but he said nah.
  2. Is it raining outside? Nope.
  3. Do you have any money? Nada.
  4. I found zip evidence in his room.
  5. How much did he contribute? Zilch.
  6. I suggest a pizza night but mom said nix.
  7. Will you jump from there? Negatory!
  8. They know bupkis about the plan.
  9. Do you think he’ll come? No way!
  10. Going out in this storm? That ain’t happening.
  11. He’s got diddly squat to offer us.
  12. I tried to negotiate, but it was no dice.
  13. Is that your final decision? Nah-uh.
  14. That kind of behavior is not on here.
  15. The chances of it happening are null.
  16. Think he’ll win the race? Not a chance.
  17. Can I borrow your car? Forget it.
  18. I gave his idea a thumbs down.
  19. Try that spicy dish? That’s a hard pass for me.
  20. Do all in favor say aye? Nay.

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