20+ Slang for Location (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Location Mean?

“Location” refers to a specific point or area in physical space, often identified by its geographic coordinates, where something is situated or can be found. It signifies a particular place or position within a broader context.

Slang For Location

Slang Words for Location

Here is the list of slang words for Location with meanings:

  1. Spot: A particular place or area.
  2. Joint: A casual place or establishment.
  3. Digs: One’s place of residence or accommodation.
  4. Pad: Someone’s personal living space or apartment.
  5. Turf: One’s territory or home ground.
  6. Hood: Short for the neighborhood.
  7. Crib: A person’s home or apartment.
  8. Stomping Grounds: Familiar territory or usual hangout.
  9. Haunt: A frequently visited place.
  10. Base: A home or starting place.
  11. Realm: Area of interest or domain.
  12. Territory: Specific area or region.
  13. Zone: An area or stretch of land.
  14. Hideout: A secret place for meeting or hiding.
  15. Hub: Central or main area of activity.
  16. Den: A private, cozy room.
  17. Domain: An area owned or controlled by someone.
  18. Ranch: Casual term for a home or place.
  19. Locale: The scene or setting of events.
  20. Ground Zero: Original or most affected place.

Use of Location Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of Location:

  1. Meet me at the spot later.
  2. The pizza at that joint is amazing.
  3. She’s staying at her new digs in town.
  4. We chilled at Mike’s pad last night.
  5. That’s his turf, better be careful there.
  6. He grew up in that hood.
  7. Check out my new crib in the city!
  8. The park is our usual stomping grounds.
  9. The café is her favorite haunt.
  10. This is our base for the trip.
  11. That topic is her realm of expertise.
  12. We’re entering a dangerous territory now.
  13. The northern zone is colder.
  14. The gang had a hideout in the mountains.
  15. The mall is the city’s main hub.
  16. I love reading in my little den.
  17. This forest is the lion’s domain.
  18. Let’s go back to the ranch and relax.
  19. The beach is a popular locale for tourists.
  20. The city was ground zero for the event.

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