20+ Slang for Nonsense (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Nonsense Mean?

“Nonsense” refers to ideas, statements, or actions that lack logical reasoning, coherence, or meaningful content. It’s often used to describe something that is absurd, irrational, or without any basis in reality.

Slang For Nonsense

Slang Words for Nonsense

Here is the list of slang words for Nonsense with meanings:

  1. Bunk: Deceptive talk; untrue statements.
  2. Bull: Misleading speech; blatant lies.
  3. Hogwash: Ridiculous claims or beliefs.
  4. Mumbo jumbo: Confusing or nonsensical talk.
  5. Balderdash: Senseless talk or ideas.
  6. Poppycock: Ridiculous or foolish talk.
  7. Gobbledygook: Complex language that’s hard to understand.
  8. Jibber-jabber: Rapid and incoherent talk.
  9. Tripe: Worthless or nonsensical talk.
  10. Drivel: Silly nonsense; pointless talk.
  11. Codswallop: Absurd or nonsensical talk.
  12. Flapdoodle: Foolish or senseless talk.
  13. Hooey: Nonsense; ridiculous talk.
  14. Piffle: Trivial or nonsensical talk.
  15. Twaddle: Trivial or silly talk.
  16. Bamboozle: To deceive or confuse.
  17. Fiddle-faddle: Trivial or nonsensical matter.
  18. Moonshine: Foolish talk or ideas.
  19. Rubbish: Worthless or absurd ideas.
  20. Claptrap: Pretentious but nonsensical talk.

Use of Nonsense Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Nonsense:

  1. That conspiracy theory is pure bunk.
  2. Don’t feed me that bull again.
  3. His explanation was pure hogwash.
  4. Legal documents are filled with mumbo jumbo.
  5. Your argument is sheer balderdash.
  6. That old legend is just poppycock.
  7. The manual is filled with technical gobbledygook.
  8. Stop the endless jibber-jabber and get to the point.
  9. Most critics called the film a load of tripe.
  10. The speaker was spouting pure drivel.
  11. I can’t believe you listen to that codswallop.
  12. His claims are nothing but flapdoodle.
  13. The rumors about the event were all hooey.
  14. Politicians often spout such piffle.
  15. Her gossip is just idle twaddle.
  16. He tried to bamboozle us with his story.
  17. The meeting was filled with fiddle-faddle.
  18. Those promises are mere moonshine.
  19. Don’t believe that, it’s pure rubbish.
  20. His speech was full of pretentious claptrap.

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