20+ Slang for Flirting (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Flirting Mean?

Flirting is the act of showing romantic or playful interest in someone through gestures, words, or body language. It is often a subtle form of interaction aimed at gauging the other person’s interest.

Slang For Flirting

Slang Words for Flirting

  1. Slide: Sliding into someone’s messages.
  2. Chirpsing: Chatting someone up.
  3. Vibe: Creating a romantic atmosphere.
  4. Flex: Showing off to impress.
  5. Peacock: Displaying yourself extravagantly.
  6. Mack: Actively flirting.
  7. Spit Game: Using persuasive talk.
  8. Hit On: Making advances towards.
  9. Game: Skill in flirting.
  10. Wingman: Helping a friend flirt.
  11. Grafting: Working hard to flirt.
  12. DM: Sending a flirty message.
  13. Smooth: Graceful in approach.
  14. Tease: Lightly making fun to flirt.
  15. Swoon: Acting romantically to impress.
  16. Lock Eyes: Making meaningful eye contact.
  17. Chat Up: Talking to romantically engage.
  18. Crush: Feeling strongly attracted.
  19. Thirst: Showing overt desire.
  20. Booty Call: Late-night flirting or invitation.

Use of Flirting Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She decided to slide into his DMs: “Hey, you up?”
  2. Tim was chirping at the bar last night.
  3. They began to vibe over shared hobbies.
  4. He tried to flex by talking about his job.
  5. Sally decided to peacock with her new dress.
  6. Mike was macking on Sarah all night.
  7. Trying to spit game, Mark mentioned his travels.
  8. Jessica was hit on by several guys at the party.
  9. David’s game was off; he struck out.
  10. Steve was my wingman for the evening.
  11. He was grafting hard but got nowhere.
  12. Did you DM her yet?
  13. Jane was smooth in asking for his number.
  14. She likes to tease him about his favorite band.
  15. He tried to swoon her with poetry.
  16. When they lock eyes, sparks fly.
  17. I saw him chat up a girl at the coffee shop.
  18. She’s my crush, I can’t help it.
  19. His thirst was obvious, and it wasn’t for water.
  20. It was clearly a booty call, so she ignored it.

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