20+ Slang for News (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does News Mean?

“News” refers to timely and relevant information about recent events, developments, or occurrences, often conveyed through various media channels like newspapers, broadcasts, or online platforms, to keep people informed about the world around them. It encompasses updates on a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, culture, and more.

Slang For News

Slang Words for News

Here is the list of slang words for News with meanings:

  1. Scoop: Latest information or report.
  2. Lowdown: Inside information or truth.
  3. Buzz: Talk or rumor about something.
  4. Dirt: Gossipy or scandalous information.
  5. 411: Information or the details.
  6. Dish: The latest gossip or story.
  7. Intel: Short for intelligence or information.
  8. Deets: Short for details or information.
  9. Skinny: The real information or truth.
  10. Tip-off: Advance private information.
  11. Leak: Unofficial release of confidential info.
  12. Dope: Information or news.
  13. Tidbit: A small piece of news or information.
  14. Blurb: Short news or announcement.
  15. Chirp: Sharing news or information.
  16. Goss: Short for gossip or news.
  17. Juice: The inside scoop or info.
  18. Bits: Small pieces of information.
  19. Bulletin: Short news update.
  20. Flash: Quick news update.

Use of News Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of News:

  1. She got the scoop on the latest celebrity wedding.
  2. Give me the lowdown on the new manager.
  3. What’s the buzz about the new movie?
  4. He shared some dirt on the politician’s past.
  5. Do you have the 411 on tonight’s event?
  6. She’s always ready to dish the latest gossip.
  7. The agent provided vital intel on the mission.
  8. Send me the deets about the party.
  9. We need the skinny on this situation now.
  10. The detective received a tip-off about the heist.
  11. There was a leak about the product before its launch.
  12. What’s the dope on the city’s new policy?
  13. Here’s a tasty tidbit from yesterday’s conference.
  14. Did you read the blurb about the upcoming book?
  15. She chirped about her vacation adventures.
  16. Let’s catch up on the latest goss over coffee.
  17. He has the juice on the stock market trends.
  18. Share any interesting bits from the seminar.
  19. The bulletin announced a sudden weather change.
  20. Did you catch that flash about the emergency broadcast?

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