20+ Slang for Newsperson (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Newsperson Mean?

A “newsperson” refers to an individual who is engaged in reporting, writing, or presenting news and information, typically in the field of journalism or media. This term is used in a gender-neutral manner to encompass both male and female professionals working in the news industry.

Slang For Newsperson

Slang Words for Newsperson

Here is the list of slang words for Newsperson with meanings:

  1. Newsie – Journalist or reporter, often young.
  2. Journo – Short for journalist.
  3. Hack – Slightly derogatory term for a journalist.
  4. Newshound – Reporter always chasing stories.
  5. Scribe – Journalist, especially one that writes a lot.
  6. Pap – Short for paparazzi, often a celebrity photographer.
  7. Ink-slinger – Writer or journalist.
  8. Word-herder – Journalist who crafts stories.
  9. Presser – Someone from the press or media.
  10. Muckraker – Journalist exposing corruption.
  11. Gonzo – Journalist with subjective, immersive reporting.
  12. News nut – Someone extremely passionate about news.
  13. News shark – Aggressive reporter.
  14. Pen jockey – Journalist known for their writing skills.
  15. Word-smith – Journalists revered for their language prowess.
  16. Story-chaser – Reporter always after the latest scoop.
  17. Headline hunter – Journalist aiming for the front page.
  18. Byline bandit – Reporter keen on getting credit.
  19. Media mogul – A powerful person in the news industry.
  20. Tabloid toter – Journalist working for sensationalist media.

Use of Newsperson Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Newsperson:

  1. She’s a newsie, fresh out of college.
  2. Ever since he became a journo, he’s been traveling non-stop.
  3. Some say he’s a hack, but I love his writing.
  4. Amy, the newshound, always has the latest scoop.
  5. Being a scribe is in his blood; his grandfather was one too.
  6. A pap caught the celebrity at the cafe yesterday.
  7. She’s a talented ink-slinger for a major newspaper.
  8. As a word-herder, he knows how to craft a compelling narrative.
  9. The presser asked the CEO some tough questions.
  10. She’s a muckraker, always exposing political scandals.
  11. His gonzo style of writing isn’t for everyone.
  12. My brother’s a news nut, constantly reading and watching.
  13. That news shark got the exclusive interview with the senator.
  14. His talent as a pen jockey is well-known in the industry.
  15. Clara is a true word-smith, crafting poetic news articles.
  16. As a story-chaser, he traveled to the war zones.
  17. The headline hunter finally got her front-page story.
  18. With that scoop, he’s the ultimate byline bandit.
  19. The media mogul owns several newspapers and TV stations.
  20. He’s a tabloid toter, always looking for a juicy story.

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