20 Slang for Lover (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Lover Mean?

A “lover” refers to an individual who experiences romantic or passionate feelings and engages in a romantic relationship with another person. It implies a deep emotional connection and affectionate involvement between partners.

Slang For Lover

Slang Words for Lover

Here is the list of slang words for Lover with meanings:

  1. Boo: A term of endearment, often for a romantic partner.
  2. Bae: Short for “before anyone else”, a loved one.
  3. Main Squeeze: A primary romantic partner.
  4. Better Half: One’s spouse or significant other.
  5. Ride or Die: A deeply loyal or dedicated partner.
  6. Babe: An affectionate term for someone loved.
  7. Honey: A sweet term, often used for romantic partners.
  8. Sweetheart: A term for someone deeply cared for.
  9. Significant Other: A formal term for a romantic partner.
  10. Hubby: Shortened slang for husband.
  11. Wifey: Informal and affectionate term for wife.
  12. Beau: A boyfriend or male lover.
  13. Shorty: Often means girlfriend in hip-hop culture.
  14. Old Lady: Casual term for wife or girlfriend.
  15. Old Man: Casual term for husband or boyfriend.
  16. Ladylove: A woman who is loved romantically.
  17. Flame: A person one has strong feelings for.
  18. Valentine: Someone special, especially on February 14th.
  19. Partner in Crime: A playful term for close companion or lover.
  20. Snuggle Bunny: Affectionate term for someone to cuddle with.

Use of Lover Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Lover:

  1. I’m going out with my boo tonight.
  2. That’s my bae over there by the bar.
  3. Jake is her main squeeze these days.
  4. I’m taking my better half to dinner.
  5. She’s his ride or die through thick and thin.
  6. Hey, babe, can you grab the keys?
  7. I’ll ask honey if she wants to join.
  8. Have you met my sweetheart?
  9. My significant other has the tickets.
  10. My hubby surprised me with flowers.
  11. John calls her his wifey.
  12. Is that your beau with the glasses?
  13. He’s been with his shorty for years.
  14. I haven’t seen his old lady in ages.
  15. Her old man is picking her up later.
  16. His ladylove writes him every day.
  17. Have you met his new flame?
  18. She’s my valentine every year.
  19. He’s my partner in crime in everything.
  20. She’s his snuggle bunny on cold nights.

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