30+ Slang for Remote Control (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Remote Control Mean?

A remote control is a wireless device that allows users to operate electronic devices from a distance, enabling functions such as power, volume, and settings adjustments without direct physical contact. It enhances convenience by eliminating the need to be physically close to the controlled device.

Slang For Remote Control

Slang Words for Remote Control

Here is the list of slang words for Remote Control with meanings:

  1. Clicker – Device to change television channels.
  2. Zapper – Tool used to switch TV functions.
  3. Button-Buddy – Remote friend for entertainment controls.
  4. Channel-Chucker – Changes television stations quickly.
  5. Flick-Fixer – Adjusts choices on the screen.
  6. Beam-Box – Sends signals to the device.
  7. Flip-Stick – Controls TV program transitions.
  8. Magic Wand – Mystical device for TV control.
  9. Power Pointer – Pushes electronic functions remotely.
  10. Telly-Tapper – Touch tool for television features.
  11. Flasher – Remote with rapid response.
  12. Show-Shifter – Adjusts programming to preference.
  13. Tune-Twig – Small branch to adjust settings.
  14. Box-Boss – The in-charge of entertainment.
  15. Mute-Mate – Silences the television instantly.
  16. Scene-Swapper – Changes viewing visuals swiftly.
  17. Volume-Veteran – Expert at audio level control.
  18. Surf-Stick – Wand for channel browsing.
  19. Switch-Slinger – Swiftly shifts between functions.
  20. Channel Charm – Magical item for TV commands.
  21. Pixie-Pusher – Small tool for big changes.
  22. Show-Saber – Sharp tool for television tweaks.
  23. Episode-Enchanter – Magically navigates show episodes.
  24. Frame-Fiddler – Adjusts screen settings with ease.
  25. Signal-Scepter – Royal rod for remote commands.
  26. Pixel-Poker – Prods at digital screen options.
  27. Wave-Wand – Sends waves to adjust settings.
  28. Flick-Fairy – Mythical helper for channel hopping.
  29. Button-Blaster – Packs a punch in controlling.
  30. Drama-Dialer – Calls upon favorite shows.

Use of Remote Control Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Remote Control:

  1. I lost the Clicker between the couch cushions.
  2. Mom, have you seen the Zapper anywhere?
  3. Dad always calls it his Button-Buddy.
  4. She’s such a Channel-Chucker, always switching shows.
  5. Use the Flick-Fixer to adjust the volume.
  6. My Beam-Box doesn’t seem to be working.
  7. I love this new Flip-Stick; it’s very responsive.
  8. Feels like I’m doing magic with this Magic Wand.
  9. Adjust the brightness with that Power Pointer.
  10. My nephew spilled juice on my Telly-Tapper.
  11. This Flasher is perfect for impatient viewers.
  12. I used the Show-Shifter to record the game.
  13. The Tune-Twig makes browsing so much easier.
  14. He thinks he’s the Box-Boss with that remote.
  15. Quick, grab the Mute-Mate! The phone’s ringing.
  16. The Scene-Swapper function on this is great.
  17. My grandma is a real Volume-Veteran.
  18. Use the Surf-Stick to find a good movie.
  19. The Switch-Slinger mode is her favorite.
  20. I got this Channel Charm for my birthday.
  21. I prefer the old Pixie-Pusher to this one.
  22. The Show-Saber function is super efficient.
  23. The Episode-Enchanter feature helps binge-watchers.
  24. Don’t let kids play with the Frame-Fiddler.
  25. I feel like a king with this Signal-Scepter.
  26. Be gentle when using the Pixel-Poker.
  27. The Wave-Wand mode is super intuitive.
  28. Got this new Flick-Fairy from the store today.
  29. The Button-Blaster mode speeds things up.
  30. Use the Drama-Dialer to revisit favorite scenes.

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