20+ Slang for Muscular (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Muscular Mean?

“Muscular” describes a person or organism that has well-developed and prominent muscles, indicating physical strength and power. It pertains to a strong and robust physique resulting from muscle growth and fitness.

Slang For Muscular

Slang Words for Muscular

Here is the list of slang words for Muscular with meanings:

  1. Buff – Very strong with well-defined muscles.
  2. Ripped – Having lean muscles and low body fat.
  3. Jacked – Extremely muscular or well-built.
  4. Swole – Significantly increased in muscle size.
  5. Hench – Large, fit, and very strong.
  6. Pumped – Having muscles that appear larger, typically post-workout.
  7. Gains – Visible increase in muscle size.
  8. Beastly – Extremely strong or muscular.
  9. Fit – In good shape with toned muscles.
  10. Shredded – Extremely lean and defined muscles.
  11. Brawny – Possessing physical strength and bulk.
  12. Bulked – Having added muscle mass.
  13. Stacked – Having a large and well-defined physique.
  14. Toned – Muscles that are visible and defined.
  15. Chiseled – Having a body shape sharply defined.
  16. Beefy – Big, muscular, and strong.
  17. Cut – Having distinct and defined muscles.
  18. Solid – Firm and muscular.
  19. Titanic – Extremely powerful or strong.
  20. Wiry – Lean but strong.

Use of Muscular Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Muscular:

  1. She’s been hitting the gym and looks buff now.
  2. After months of training, he’s totally ripped.
  3. I couldn’t believe how jacked he became over the summer.
  4. He’s trying to get swole before the competition.
  5. That new trainer at the gym is really hench.
  6. She just finished her workout and looks pumped.
  7. With consistent effort, you’ll see those gains.
  8. His performance in the gym was simply beastly.
  9. She’s not just slim, she’s really fit.
  10. Professional bodybuilders are often shredded.
  11. The lumberjack had a brawny appearance.
  12. Over the winter, he really bulked up.
  13. She’s not just fit, she’s stacked.
  14. Yoga and Pilates have her looking so toned.
  15. His dedication to fitness has him looking chiseled.
  16. The wrestler had a beefy physique.
  17. With that diet, you’ll be cut in no time.
  18. His arms are so solid from lifting weights.
  19. His strength during that lift was simply titanic.
  20. He’s not bulky, but he’s definitely wiry.

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