20+ Slang for Laughing (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Laughing Mean?

“Laughing” is the spontaneous vocal expression of amusement or joy, typically characterized by a series of sounds or chuckles, and often accompanied by visible facial expressions such as smiling or laughter. It is a natural human reaction to humor or happiness.

Slang For Laughing

Slang Words for Laughing

Here is the list of slang words for Laughing with meanings:

  1. ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing.
  2. LMAO: Laughing my ass off.
  3. LOL: Laughing out loud.
  4. PMSL: Peeing myself laughing.
  5. BOL: Bursting out laughing.
  6. ROFLMAO: Rolling on floor, laughing my ass off.
  7. ROFLCOPTER: Exaggerated way of saying rolling on floor laughing.
  8. CTFU: Cracking the fuck up.
  9. BWHAHA: Loud, hearty laugh.
  10. ROFLMAOL: Rolling on floor laughing my ass off loudly.
  11. LMBO: Laughing my butt off.
  12. ROTFL: Rolling on the floor laughing.
  13. HEHE: Soft, somewhat mischievous laugh.
  14. HAHA: Basic representation of laughter.
  15. J/K: Just kidding.
  16. LOLING: Act of laughing out loud.
  17. LQTM: Laughing quietly to myself.
  18. LML: Laughing mad loud.
  19. SNORT: Laughter expressed by a snort sound.
  20. TEHEE: Giggling sound.

Use of Laughing Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Laughing:

  1. She tripped and I went ROFL.
  2. That meme made me LMAO yesterday.
  3. I can’t believe he said that, LOL!
  4. When she told the joke, I was PMSL.
  5. I was BOL when I watched that comedy.
  6. That was so funny, I went ROFLMAO!
  7. The cat video had me in ROFLCOPTER mode.
  8. Your comment had me CTFU.
  9. When he imitated the teacher, it was all BWHAHA from there.
  10. That story had everyone ROFLMAOL.
  11. It was so unexpected, I was LMBO.
  12. The prank was so hilarious, everyone was ROTFL.
  13. I just read your text, HEHE.
  14. It was so predictable, yet funny, HAHA.
  15. You believed me? J/K!
  16. I was LOLING all evening.
  17. I was LQTM in the library.
  18. That show had me LML.
  19. The way he laughed? Definitely a SNORT.
  20. That was cute, TEHEE.

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