30+ Slang for Party (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Party Mean?

A “party” refers to a social gathering or event where people come together to celebrate, interact, and often engage in entertainment or festivities. It can encompass a wide range of occasions, from casual get-togethers to formal celebrations.

Slang For Party

Slang Words for Party

Here is the list of slang words for Party with meanings:

  1. Rager: A wild, intense party usually with loud music.
  2. Bash: A large, exciting celebration or event.
  3. Shindig: An informal gathering with dancing or music.
  4. Blowout: A big, extravagant event or celebration.
  5. Soiree: An elegant evening gathering, often formal.
  6. Hootenanny: A gathering with folk music and sometimes dancing.
  7. Fiesta: A festival or celebration, often with Hispanic roots.
  8. Banger: A party known for its great music and energy.
  9. Jamboree: A large gathering, often for a specific purpose.
  10. Get-together: A casual meeting or gathering of friends.
  11. Hang: An informal, relaxed gathering or meetup.
  12. Knees-up: A lively party or dance.
  13. Shaker: An event where attendees mingle and socialize.
  14. Throwdown: A wild or lively celebration.
  15. Hoedown: A social gathering with folk music and dancing.
  16. Sesh: Short for “session”, implying hanging out or partying.
  17. Pregame: Socializing and drinking before the main event.
  18. Bashment: A dancehall party or musical celebration.
  19. Do: An event or party.
  20. Lime: A Caribbean term for hanging out or a casual gathering.

Use of Party Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms for Party:

  1. There’s a rager at Jake’s house tonight.
  2. Are you going to the birthday bash?
  3. They hosted a shindig in their backyard last summer.
  4. Their anniversary was a real blowout.
  5. She’s hosting a soiree at her penthouse next week.
  6. The local bar is having a hootenanny on Friday.
  7. The whole town joins the annual fiesta.
  8. That club always has the best bangers.
  9. The scouts are attending the jamboree next month.
  10. Let’s have a get-together this weekend.
  11. We had a chill hang at Mike’s place yesterday.
  12. The local hall is having a knees-up for New Year’s.
  13. The college alumni had a shaker last night.
  14. Everyone’s excited for the summer throwdown.
  15. The barn will be the venue for the hoedown.
  16. After the movies, let’s have a sesh at my place.
  17. We’ll pregame at my apartment before the concert.
  18. The beach is hosting a bashment
  19. Are you attending Stacy’s do on Friday?
  20. After work, we had a lime at the local cafe.

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