20 Slang for Money (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Money Mean?

Money is a universally accepted medium of exchange, typically in the form of coins or banknotes, used for buying goods and services and measuring the value of economic transactions. It serves as a store of value and unit of account in modern economies.

Slang For Money

Slang Words for Money

Here is the list of slang words for Money with meanings:

  1. Bucks: Dollars, typically US currency.
  2. Quid: British pounds sterling.
  3. Dough: Informal term for money.
  4. Fiver: Five-dollar or pound note.
  5. Tenner: Ten-dollar or pound note.
  6. Benjamins: US $100 bills (from Benjamin Franklin).
  7. C-notes: One hundred-dollar bills.
  8. Loot: Large amount of money.
  9. Moolah: Casual term for money.
  10. Greenbacks: US paper currency (green color).
  11. Wad: Bundle of cash.
  12. Duckets: Money, often in cash form.
  13. Grand: One thousand dollars or pounds.
  14. Stash: Reserved or saved money.
  15. Cheddar: Money, often implying wealth.
  16. Bread: Informal term for money.
  17. Dinero: Money, from Spanish origin.
  18. Stacks: Multiple bundles of money.
  19. Quarters: Coins worth 25 cents.
  20. Nickels: Coins worth 5 cents.

Use of Money Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She owes me 50 bucks from last week.
  2. He earned 200 quid at the gig.
  3. I need more dough to buy that car.
  4. Can you lend me a fiver?
  5. I owe her a tenner for lunch.
  6. His wallet is full of Benjamins.
  7. She gave three C-notes for the phone.
  8. Pirates search for buried loot.
  9. We need to earn some quick moolah.
  10. US greenbacks are recognized worldwide.
  11. He flashed a thick wad at the bar.
  12. She spent all her duckets on shoes.
  13. He won a grand at the casino.
  14. Keep a stash for emergencies.
  15. Rappers often sing about their cheddar.
  16. Everyone needs more bread these days.
  17. He’s got plenty of dinero to spare.
  18. She has stacks in her savings.
  19. Save your quarters for the arcade.
  20. He collects old nickels for fun.

Money in Australia:

Here are slang words for money in Australia:

  1. Dollarydoos
  2. Bucks
  3. Quid
  4. Fiver
  5. Tenner
  6. Twenties
  7. Green
  8. Goldies (referring to gold coins)
  9. Silver (referring to silver coins)
  10. Bob (old slang, no longer commonly used)

Money in England:

Here are slang words for money in England:

  1. Quid
  2. Fiver
  3. Tenner
  4. Bob (old slang for a shilling)
  5. Nicker
  6. Quid pro quo (means ‘one thing in return for another’)
  7. Spondoolees
  8. Brass
  9. Dosh
  10. Pounds

Money in French:

Here are slang words for money in French:

  1. Balle(s)
  2. Flouze
  3. Fric
  4. Pèze
  5. Thune
  6. Blé
  7. Oseille
  8. Maille
  9. Patates
  10. Mifa (less common)

Money in Italian:

Here are slang words for money in Italian:

  1. Grana
  2. Spicci
  3. Soldi
  4. Euro (commonly used since they use the Euro)
  5. Ficcanaso (more like a ‘nosey person’ but sometimes colloquially refers to coins)
  6. Lire (old currency before the Euro)
  7. Pecunia
  8. Moneta (more formal but still sometimes used)
  9. Cascio
  10. Denaro

Money in Spanish:

Here are slang words for money in Spanish:

  1. Pasta
  2. Pavo(s)
  3. Lana
  4. Plata
  5. Billete(s)
  6. Guita
  7. Luca (or lucre in some regions)
  8. Fierro (in some parts of Latin America)
  9. Pelas (a bit old-fashioned but still recognized)
  10. Panoja

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