20 Slang for Love You (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Love You Mean?

“Love You” is an affectionate expression that conveys deep feelings of care, attachment, and emotional connection towards someone. It signifies a strong bond and fondness between individuals.

Slang For Love You

Slang Words for Love You

Here is the list of slang words for Love You with meanings:

  1. Adore: Love deeply and respect immensely.
  2. Smitten: Infatuated or captivated by someone’s charm.
  3. Dig: Have a strong liking or love.
  4. Crush: Intense attraction or infatuation towards someone.
  5. Worship: Admire or love intensely and reverently.
  6. Cherish: Hold dear and love deeply.
  7. Heart: Love or care for deeply.
  8. Fancy: Be attracted to or like someone.
  9. Crazy: Infatuated or passionately in love.
  10. Feelings: Emotions of affection and attachment.
  11. Puppy love: Young love or infatuation.
  12. Amore: Italian for love; deep affection.
  13. Bae: Term of endearment, short for “before anyone else.”
  14. Honey: Sweet term of affection or endearment.
  15. Darling: Term of endearment or beloved person.
  16. Infatuation: Intense but short-lived affection or love.
  17. Dear: Beloved or cherished person.
  18. Luv: Casual spelling of “love,” expressing affection.
  19. Flutter: Feel excited or thrilled about someone.
  20. Enamored: Filled with love and admiration.

Use of Love You Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Love You:

  1. Can’t believe how much I adore You.
  2. He’s so charming, I’m completely smitten.
  3. I dig Your positive energy, always uplifting.
  4. She’s my long-time secret crush.
  5. I worship the ground You walk on.
  6. Memories I cherish involve You, always.
  7. My heart belongs to You forever.
  8. I fancy Your sense of humor a lot.
  9. He drives me absolutely crazy in love.
  10. Confused by these mixed feelings for You.
  11. That was just our teenage puppy love.
  12. “Ti amo” means “I love You” in Amore.
  13. You’re my one and only bae.
  14. Hey honey, how was Your day?
  15. Oh, my darling, You’re so thoughtful.
  16. It was just a short-lived infatuation.
  17. To my beloved dear, You’re amazing.
  18. Sending You all my luv today.
  19. My heart flutters whenever You’re near.
  20. Completely enamored by Your kindness and grace.

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