20+ Slang for Group of Friends (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Group of Friends mean?

A group of friends is a collection of individuals who share a close, often emotional, bond and regularly interact socially. They share common interests, activities, or goals.

Slang For Group of Friends

Slang Words for Group of Friends

  1. Crew: Tight-knit circle of friends
  2. Squad: Close group, usually planned activities
  3. Homies: Trusted, long-term friends
  4. Gang: Informal, loosely connected friends
  5. Pack: Cohesive group, often protective
  6. Posse: Follows a leader, close-knit
  7. Brood: Friends that act like family
  8. Clan: Extended group, with various connections
  9. Fam: Friends considered as family
  10. Tribe: Like-minded, often spiritually connected
  11. Team: Collaborative friends, who work together
  12. Unit: Cohesive, nearly inseparable group
  13. Circle: Includes inner and outer friendships
  14. Entourage: Followers around a central figure
  15. Cohort: Academic or work-related friends
  16. Peeps: Casual, everyday friends
  17. Allies: Friends who support each other
  18. Coterie: Exclusive, often elite group
  19. Guild: Share a common skill/interest
  20. Comrades: Friends with a shared cause

Use of Group of Friends Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We’re meeting the crew at the mall.
  2. The squad is assembling for a movie night.
  3. My homies always have my back.
  4. The gang is hanging out at the park.
  5. We’re a pack, we stick together.
  6. His posse is always at the club.
  7. The brood is gathering for Thanksgiving.
  8. Our clan has known each other for years.
  9. I’m spending the weekend with my FAM.
  10. The tribe meets for yoga every Sunday.
  11. The team is practicing for the big game.
  12. The unit is unbreakable, we’re tight.
  13. I trust my inner circle implicitly.
  14. The singer’s entourage is at the venue.
  15. The study cohort is meeting at the library.
  16. My peeps are coming to the party.
  17. We’re not just friends; we’re allies.
  18. A coterie of artists attends the event.
  19. The guild is having a meeting tonight.
  20. The comrades marched for justice together.

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