20+ Slang for Got it (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Got it mean?

“Got it” is a phrase used to indicate understanding or comprehension. It confirms that the speaker has grasped the information, instruction, or concept being conveyed.

Slang For Got it

Slang Words for Got it

  1. Roger: Acknowledged or understood.
  2. Copy: Message received.
  3. Dig: Understand deeply.
  4. Fasho: For sure understood.
  5. Aight: Alright, I understand.
  6. 10-4: Message received clearly.
  7. Catch: Grasped the idea.
  8. Vibing: In tune with.
  9. Word: I hear you.
  10. Bet: Agree or understood.
  11. Heard: I’ve listened, understood.
  12. Snagged: Got the concept.
  13. Peeped: Noticed or understood.
  14. Trackin’: Following along, understanding.
  15. Locked: Fully grasped.
  16. Clocked: Noticed or comprehended.
  17. Grasp: Got the idea.
  18. Sussed: Figured out.
  19. Scoop: Got the information.
  20. Grok: Deeply understand.

Use of Got it Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Just send the coordinates, roger.
  2. Did you get the memo? Copy.
  3. I dig where you’re coming from.
  4. You’re coming to the party? Fasho!
  5. You mean this way? Aight.
  6. Confirm the meeting time, 10-4.
  7. Oh, I catch your drift now.
  8. I’m vibing with your idea.
  9. That’s the plan? Word.
  10. You want it done today? Bet.
  11. You’ll meet at 3? Heard.
  12. I’ve snagged the main point.
  13. I peeped the message earlier.
  14. You’re saying its blue? I’m trackin’.
  15. The instructions are locked in my mind.
  16. I’ve clocked your suggestion.
  17. I grasp what you’re hinting at.
  18. I’ve sussed out the problem.
  19. I’ve got the scoop on that.
  20. I truly grok its significance.

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