30+ Slang for Parents (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Parents Mean?

Parents are individuals who have given birth to or raised offspring, providing care, guidance, and support throughout their children’s lives. They play a vital role in a child’s development and well-being.

Slang For Parents

Slang Words for Parents

Here is the list of slang words for Parents with meanings:

  1. ‘Rents: Short for parents. Often used playfully.
  2. Folks: Casual term for parents or family.
  3. Olds: Playful, informal term for parents.
  4. P-unit: A fun, modern way to say parents.
  5. Guardians: Formal term, often playful in slang context.
  6. Ma ‘n Pa: Shortened form of “Mother and Father”.
  7. Padres: Spanish for parents, used informally.
  8. Procreators: Playful term highlighting parents as creators.
  9. Originators: Used to reference parents as your beginning.
  10. Lifegivers: Emphasizes the life-giving aspect of parents.
  11. Mama ‘n Papa bear: Affectionate term highlighting protective nature.
  12. Elders: A respectful term for older people, including parents.
  13. Birthers: Playful reference to the act of giving birth.
  14. Old dears: British slang for parents, affectionate tone.
  15. Guv’nors: British playful term meaning “bosses” or parents.
  16. Matriarch & Patriarch: Formal terms emphasizing parental authority.
  17. Life sources: Fun way to signify parents as life origin.
  18. Day Ones: Used to mean someone from the beginning, including parents.
  19. Breadwinners: Refers to parents as primary earners.
  20. Parentals: Playful take on the formal word for parents.
  21. Kin chiefs: A unique way to highlight parents as family leaders.
  22. Bosses: Casual term indicating parental authority.
  23. Home squad: Refers to main family members, including parents.
  24. Custodians: Emphasizes the protective, caring aspect of parents.
  25. The OGs: Stands for “Original Gangsters”, used affectionately.
  26. Birth-givers: Literal, playful term for parents.
  27. Roots: Symbolizes parents as one’s foundation.
  28. Creators: Direct term for those who made you.
  29. Upbringers: Refers to parents as those who raised you.
  30. The duo: Emphasizes the pair that parents often make.

Use of Parents Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms for Parents:

  1. My ‘rents are visiting this weekend.
  2. I’m spending time with my folks tonight.
  3. The olds want me home by eleven.
  4. Our P-unit is really strict about curfew.
  5. My guardians are super chill about everything.
  6. Ma ‘n Pa said I could go out.
  7. The padres are in a good mood today.
  8. My procreators are celebrating their anniversary.
  9. The originators gave me a long lecture.
  10. Thankful to my lifegivers for everything.
  11. Mama ‘n Papa bear are being overprotective again.
  12. The elders have spoken about the trip.
  13. My birthers are throwing a party.
  14. Our old dears are away on vacation.
  15. The guv’nors want the car back by ten.
  16. The matriarch & patriarch are at a conference.
  17. Our life sources are the best.
  18. Those two are my day ones since birth.
  19. The breadwinners got promotions this year.
  20. My parentals are at a meeting right now.
  21. The kin chiefs called for a family meeting.
  22. The bosses set the rules in this house.
  23. Hanging with the home squad this weekend.
  24. The custodians of my life deserve a treat.
  25. Learned everything from the OGs themselves.
  26. Got a surprise for my birth-givers.
  27. Our roots are visiting us this summer.
  28. Grateful for my creators every day.
  29. The upbringers taught me respect.
  30. The duo is on a world tour.

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