20+ Slang for Family (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Family Mean?

A group of related individuals, either by blood, marriage, or adoption, sharing common bonds and affection.

Slang For Family

Slang Words for Family

  1. Fam – Close group of friends or family.
  2. Kin – Relatives or family members.
  3. Tribe – Close-knit group, like family.
  4. Squad – Close group of friends.
  5. Crew – Group of close associates.
  6. Clan – Extended family or group.
  7. Folks – One’s parents or family.
  8. Peeps – Friends or close ones.
  9. Bros – Brothers or close male friends.
  10. Sis – Sister or close female friend.
  11. Homies – Group of close friends.
  12. Bloods – Direct family members.
  13. Unit – Close family group.
  14. Posse – Group of friends or crew.
  15. Entourage – Group of people around someone.
  16. Gang – Close group of friends.
  17. Hood – People from the same neighborhood.
  18. Mob – Large group of friends/family.
  19. Pack – Group, often friends/family.
  20. House – Family or household members.

Use of Family Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Just hanging with my fam this weekend.
  2. Invited all my kin to the reunion.
  3. My tribe is everything to me.
  4. The squad is meeting up tonight.
  5. Our crew always sticks together.
  6. The clan gathers every summer.
  7. Visiting my folks this holiday.
  8. Hanging out with my peeps tonight.
  9. My bros are coming over later.
  10. My sis has got my back.
  11. The homies and I are hitting the town.
  12. Always loyal to my blood.
  13. We’re a tight unit, through thick and thin.
  14. Called up my posse for the concert.
  15. He arrived with his whole entourage.
  16. Our gang is meeting at the park.
  17. The hood always has each other’s backs.
  18. The whole mob showed up at the party.
  19. We’re a close-knit pack, always together.
  20. The whole house is excited about the event.

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