40+ Slang for Vape (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Vape Mean?

“Vape” refers to the act of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. It’s an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Slang For Vape

Slang Words for Vape

Here is the list of slang words for Vape with meanings:

  1. Mod: Customizable vape device.
  2. Juuling: Vaping with a JUUL.
  3. Cloud-chasing: Pursuit of big vapor clouds.
  4. Dripping: Directly dripping e-juice.
  5. Sub-ohming: Vaping below 1 ohm.
  6. Tootle-puffing: MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping.
  7. Squonking: Using a squonk mod.
  8. Rip: Taking a vape hit.
  9. Coil: Heating element in vapes.
  10. Pod: Cartridge for pod systems.
  11. Salt nic: Nicotine salt e-juice.
  12. DTL: Direct-to-lung vaping.
  13. MTL: Mouth-to-lung vaping.
  14. RDA: Rebuildable drip atomizer.
  15. RTA: Rebuildable tank atomizer.
  16. RBA: Rebuildable atomizer.
  17. Mech: Mechanical mod.
  18. Wick: Absorbs e-liquid in coil.
  19. Steeping: Aging e-juice for flavor.
  20. Ohm: Electrical resistance measure.
  21. Throat hit: Sensation in throat when vaping.
  22. Tank: Holds e-liquid.
  23. Cig-a-like: E-cig resembling a cigarette.
  24. Clapton: Type of vape coil.
  25. Drag: Act of inhaling vapor.
  26. Drip tip: Mouthpiece for dripping.
  27. Nic: Short for nicotine.
  28. PG: Propylene glycol in e-juice.
  29. VG: Vegetable glycerin in e-juice.
  30. Starter kit: Beginner’s vape set.
  31. Sub-ohm tank: Tank for sub-ohming.
  32. TC: Temperature control vaping.
  33. Voop: Vaping while pooping.
  34. Wicking: Process of inserting wick.
  35. Dry hit: Inhaling with no e-liquid.
  36. Mouth hit: Holding vapor in mouth.
  37. Pull: The act of inhaling.
  38. Stealth vaping: Vaping discreetly.
  39. Blow: Releasing the vapor.
  40. Burner: Referring to traditional cigarette.

Use of Vape Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term Vape:

  1. He upgraded his mod for better performance.
  2. Teenagers caught Juuling in school face suspension.
  3. He’s into cloud-chasing; loves those big plumes!
  4. I prefer dripping for a stronger flavor.
  5. She tried sub-ohming and got huge clouds.
  6. Tootle-puffing is gentler than other methods.
  7. His device allows for easy squonking.
  8. I took a long rip from my vape.
  9. The coil needs replacement every two weeks.
  10. This pod is compatible with many devices.
  11. He switched to salt nic for smoothness.
  12. DTL hits give him the nicotine rush.
  13. MTL hits are similar to cigarette drags.
  14. He bought a new RDA for customization.
  15. This RTA has an easier refilling mechanism.
  16. She prefers using an RBA for control.
  17. His mech doesn’t have any circuitry.
  18. The cotton wick soaks up the juice.
  19. Steeping his juice improved its flavor profile.
  20. Lower ohm coils heat up more quickly.
  21. That juice gave me a strong throat hit.
  22. The tank holds 5ml of e-liquid.
  23. That cig-a-like is good for beginners.
  24. He built a new Clapton coil today.
  25. Take a slow drag for better flavor.
  26. Her drip tip is custom-made.
  27. This juice has a higher nic level.
  28. PG provides more of a throat hit.
  29. VG makes thicker and denser clouds.
  30. Her starter kit included everything she needed.
  31. That sub-ohm tank produces big clouds.
  32. TC vaping prevents dry hits effectively.
  33. He had a quick voop during the break.
  34. Wicking your coil properly prevents burning.
  35. A dry hit tastes burnt and unpleasant.
  36. A mouth hit is softer on the throat.
  37. Take a steady pull for satisfaction.
  38. He’s stealth-vaping to avoid attention.
  39. Watch me blow this huge cloud!
  40. I quit burners for vaping last year.

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