20 Slang for Country Person (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Country Person Mean?

A “country person” generally refers to an individual who lives in a rural or less populated area, often engaged in agriculture or outdoor activities. They may be characterized by a more laid-back lifestyle compared to city dwellers.

Slang For Country Person

Slang Words for Country Person

  1. Hick: Unrefined rural resident.
  2. Redneck: Southern, blue-collar worker.
  3. Hillbilly: A person from mountainous region.
  4. Yokel: Naive or gullible country dweller.
  5. Bumpkin: Unsophisticated rural person.
  6. Rube: Country person considered unworldly.
  7. Cowpoke: Cowboy or rancher.
  8. Hayseed: Unsophisticated, naïve farmer.
  9. Bushie: Australian country resident.
  10. Jethro: Unsophisticated rural man.
  11. Cracker: Rural Southerner, often derogatory.
  12. Peasant: Small-scale farmer or laborer.
  13. Country Bumpkin: Naive and clumsy rural person.
  14. Boondocker: Lives in a remote area.
  15. Podunk: From an insignificant town or village.
  16. Backwoodsman: Skilled in forest living and survival.
  17. Clodhopper: Clumsy, unsophisticated rural person.
  18. Cornball: Unsophisticated or overly sentimental.
  19. Pilgrim: Inexperienced or naive person.
  20. Homesteader: A person living on rural land.

Use of Country Person Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He’s not ignorant; he’s just a hick.
  2. My uncle is a proud redneck who loves fishing.
  3. She grew up a hillbilly in the Appalachians.
  4. Don’t be such a yokel; that’s a scam.
  5. He’s a bumpkin who loves simple joys.
  6. She didn’t understand the city, being a rube.
  7. Our neighbor is a cowpoke on weekends.
  8. That hayseed can fix any tractor.
  9. He’s a bushie with a love for nature.
  10. Don’t act like a Jethro at the formal event.
  11. His accent reveals he’s a cracker from Georgia.
  12. As a peasant, he knows how to grow crops.
  13. She’s a country bumpkin with a heart of gold.
  14. He’s a boondocker who lives off-grid.
  15. They’re from Podunk; it’s a small town.
  16. As a backwoodsman, he can navigate any forest.
  17. Don’t underestimate that clodhopper; he’s smart.
  18. He’s a cornball, but we love his jokes.
  19. She’s a pilgrim in the world of technology.
  20. They’re homesteaders living a sustainable life.

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