20+ Slang for Jewelry (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Jewelry Mean?

Jewelry refers to decorative items typically made from precious metals, gemstones, or other materials, worn as personal adornments, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, to enhance one’s appearance or as a form of self-expression. It often holds aesthetic, cultural, or symbolic significance.

Slang For Jewelry

Slang Words for Jewelry

Here is the list of slang words for Jewelry with meanings:

  1. Bling: Flashy jewelry or accessories.
  2. Ice: Diamonds or expensive gemstones.
  3. Rocks: Large diamonds or gemstones.
  4. Frosting: Wearing a lot of diamonds.
  5. Drip: Impressive, stylish jewelry.
  6. Lavish: Over-the-top or luxurious jewelry.
  7. Hardware: Heavy, often metal-based jewelry.
  8. Gems: Precious or semi-precious stones.
  9. Sparklers: Shiny, often diamond jewelry.
  10. Looms: Intricately designed jewelry.
  11. Chain: Necklace, often gold or silver.
  12. Links: Bracelets, usually metal.
  13. Studs: Small, often diamond, earrings.
  14. Wrist candy: Attractive bracelets.
  15. Goldie: Gold jewelry, especially chains.
  16. Charms: Pendants or trinkets on jewelry.
  17. Baubles: Small, shiny ornamental pieces.
  18. Junk: Cheap, flashy jewelry.
  19. Glitters: Shiny, eye-catching jewelry.
  20. Medallions: Large, ornate pendants.

Use of Jewelry Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term for Jewelry:

  1. Check out that bling on her neck!
  2. He surprised her with some new ice.
  3. Those rocks on her ears must’ve cost a fortune.
  4. She’s always covered in frosting at parties.
  5. His drip caught everyone’s attention at the event.
  6. That necklace is so lavish!
  7. Look at the hardware on his wrist.
  8. Those gems in the bracelet are stunning.
  9. She loves showing off her sparklers at gatherings.
  10. The looms in that collection are breathtaking.
  11. She’s wearing a golden chain today.
  12. Those links complement his outfit perfectly.
  13. I got new studs for my birthday.
  14. Her wrist candy is always on point.
  15. He flaunted his goldie at the club.
  16. The bracelet has several unique charms.
  17. Those baubles add a fun touch to her look.
  18. That might look expensive, but it’s just junk.
  19. Everything she wears glitters so brightly.
  20. The rapper wore massive medallions during his concert.

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