20+ Slang for Bored (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Bored Mean?

Bored means feeling uninterested in one’s surroundings or activities. It originates from the Old English word “boren,” meaning to perforate or pierce.

Slang For Bored

Slang Words for Bored

  1. Fed up: Completely tired.
  2. Over it: Totally done.
  3. Drained: Emotionally exhausted.
  4. Zonked: Very tired.
  5. Dead: Extremely tired.
  6. Jaded: Worn out.
  7. Dullsville: Very boring place.
  8. Meh: Indifferent feeling.
  9. Blah: Lacking excitement.
  10. Snoozefest: Very boring event.
  11. Yawnfest: Extremely dull.
  12. Checked out: Not present mentally.
  13. Burned out: Completely drained.
  14. Sick of it: Tired of something.
  15. Done with: No longer interested.
  16. Drag: Something tedious.
  17. Killing time: Waiting, doing nothing.
  18. Wiped: Exhausted.
  19. Tapped out: Totally spent.
  20. Lost interest: No longer captivated.

Use of Bored Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’m completely fed up with this movie.
  2. She’s over it and wants to leave.
  3. After the meeting, I felt so drained.
  4. After the hike, I was totally zonked.
  5. By midnight, I was absolutely dead.
  6. Many tourists find the museum jaded.
  7. This town’s a total dullsville on weekends.
  8. The party was just meh overall.
  9. Today’s lecture was pretty blah.
  10. The conference was a complete snoozefest.
  11. That movie turned into a yawnfest quickly.
  12. He’s checked out during our meetings.
  13. After years in the job, she’s burned out.
  14. I’m sick of it, let’s change.
  15. She’s done with that old hobby.
  16. That class is such a drag.
  17. I’m just killing time till dinner.
  18. After the gym, I’m totally wiped.
  19. I’m tapped out after the shopping spree.
  20. He’s lost interest in that game.

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