20+ Slang for Booze (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Booze Mean?

Booze means alcoholic beverages, especially hard liquor. It originated from the Middle Dutch word “būsen,” which means “to drink excessively.”

Slang For Booze

Slang Words for Booze

  1. Hooch: Cheap liquor.
  2. Sauce: Alcoholic drink.
  3. Firewater: Strong liquor.
  4. Brewski: A beer.
  5. Vino: Wine.
  6. Grog: Rum or liquor.
  7. Pint: A beer.
  8. Moonshine: Illegally made alcohol.
  9. Suds: Beer.
  10. Swill: Low-quality drink.
  11. Pop: Soft drink or alcohol.
  12. Tipple: A drink, usually alcohol.
  13. Guzzle: Drink quickly.
  14. Plonk: Cheap wine.
  15. Lush: Alcoholic beverage.
  16. Hard stuff: Strong alcoholic drink.
  17. Bubbly: Champagne.
  18. Nectar: Delicious drink, often wine.
  19. Juice: Alcoholic beverage.
  20. Rotgut: Very cheap, poor-quality alcohol.

Use of Booze Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He bought some cheap hooch yesterday.
  2. She’s having some sauce with her dinner.
  3. That firewater really burns your throat!
  4. Pass me a cold brewski, will you?
  5. We opened a bottle of fine vino.
  6. Pirates often drank grog on ships.
  7. I’ll have a pint at the pub.
  8. His grandpa used to make moonshine.
  9. The game’s better with some cold suds.
  10. The party had too much swill left.
  11. Want a pop from the fridge?
  12. He enjoys a good tipple after work.
  13. They watched him guzzle his drink down.
  14. The store only had cheap plonk left.
  15. Dinner’s not complete without a lush.
  16. He prefers the hard stuff over beer.
  17. Let’s celebrate with some bubbly tonight.
  18. This is the nectar of the gods!
  19. She sipped her juice all evening.
  20. Avoid that bar; it sells rotgut.

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