20+ Slang for Boat (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Boat Mean?

A boat is a watercraft designed to float on and navigate across water. The term originates from the Old English “bāt” and is related to similar words in other Germanic languages.

Slang For Boat

Slang Words for Boat

  1. Dinghy – Small open boat
  2. Tub – Old, unattractive boat
  3. Yacht – Private luxury boat
  4. Skiff – Small, light boat
  5. Kayak – Narrow, human-powered boat
  6. Canoe – Slim, open boat
  7. RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) – Inflatable with hard hull
  8. PWC (Personal Watercraft) – Jet ski, Sea-Doo
  9. Tinnie (Aussie slang) – Small aluminum boat
  10. Battlewagon – Large sportfishing boat
  11. U-Boat – German submarine
  12. Sloop – Single-masted sailboat
  13. Cutter – Sailboat with multiple headsails
  14. Ketch – Two-masted sailboat
  15. Pontoon – Flat, buoyant boat
  16. Runabout – Small motorboat
  17. Houseboat – Liveable, mobile boat
  18. Narrowboat – Canal boat (UK)
  19. Scow – Flat-bottomed boat
  20. Jon boat – Flat-fronted fishing boat

Use of Boat Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We paddled the dinghy to the main ship.
  2. That old tub barely stays afloat nowadays.
  3. His yacht sailed into the harbor gracefully.
  4. She caught a fish from the skiff.
  5. I capsized my kayak in the strong current.
  6. They went camping with their trusty canoe.
  7. We rented a RIB for the afternoon.
  8. He sped past on his PWC.
  9. In Australia, we fished from a tinnie.
  10. The battlewagon drew attention at the marina.
  11. The U-Boat surfaced after the mission.
  12. The sloop set sail at dawn today.
  13. The cutter cut through the waves easily.
  14. That ketch has been around the world.
  15. The pontoon is perfect for lake parties.
  16. They toured the lake in a runabout.
  17. We vacationed on a houseboat last summer.
  18. The narrowboat journeyed through UK’s canals.
  19. He transported goods on his old scow.
  20. They caught bass from their jon boat.

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