30+ Slang for Scared (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Scared Mean?

Scared refers to a state of fear or anxiety induced by a perceived threat or danger, causing emotional distress and often triggering a fight, flight, or freeze response.

Slang For Scared

Slang Words for Scared

Here is the list of slang words for Scared with meanings:

  1. Spooked: Very startled or easily frightened.
  2. Chickened out: Lost the nerve to do something.
  3. Shook: Deeply disturbed or unsettled.
  4. Creeped out: Uncomfortably frightened or disturbed.
  5. Panicked: Overwhelmed by sudden fear.
  6. Petrified: So frightened that one can’t move.
  7. Freaked: Extremely scared or anxious.
  8. Rattled: Unnerved or flustered by fear.
  9. Bricking it: Extremely nervous or terrified.
  10. Squeamish: Easily nauseated or disgusted.
  11. Jittery: Nervous and anxious.
  12. Paralyzed: Unable to act due to fear.
  13. Skittish: Nervously jumpy or excitable.
  14. Yellow-bellied: Lacking courage; cowardly.
  15. Wigged out: Very anxious or upset.
  16. Scaredy-cat: Someone easily frightened.
  17. Quaking: Trembling because of fear.
  18. Jumped: Startled or surprised by something.
  19. Frit: Very frightened or nervous.
  20. Bugged: Worried or bothered by something.
  21. Cold feet: Suddenly too frightened to proceed.
  22. Twitchy: Restlessly nervous or anxious.
  23. Peeved: Annoyed or slightly scared.
  24. Tense: Stressed out or on edge.
  25. On pins and needles: Anxiously waiting or nervous.
  26. Flapped: Disturbed or ruffled by something.
  27. Jelly-legged: Weak-kneed from fear.
  28. Jumpy: Easily startled or scared.
  29. Butterflies: Nervous feeling in one’s stomach.
  30. Sweating bullets: Extremely nervous or anxious.

Use of Scared Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Scared:

  1. I got spooked by that unexpected noise.
  2. He chickened out of the bungee jump.
  3. That horror movie left me shook.
  4. The haunted house really creeped out Jenny.
  5. She panicked when she lost her keys.
  6. He was petrified by the ghostly figure.
  7. When the dog barked, she freaked.
  8. The sudden siren left her rattled.
  9. He’s bricking it before the big presentation.
  10. I’m a bit squeamish about spiders.
  11. Before interviews, he’s always jittery.
  12. The thought of heights left him paralyzed.
  13. My horse is a bit skittish around traffic.
  14. Don’t be so yellow-bellied, it’s just a movie!
  15. He’s wigged out about the upcoming exams.
  16. She’s a real scaredy-cat in haunted houses.
  17. I was quaking during that thunderstorm.
  18. The loud noise made her jumped.
  19. Don’t be frit, it’s just a harmless snake.
  20. She’s bugged by the creepy stories.
  21. He got cold feet before the wedding.
  22. She’s a bit twitchy about being late.
  23. That sound makes me a tad peeved.
  24. He seems really tense about the flight.
  25. I’m on pins and needles waiting for results.
  26. The news really flapped him.
  27. After the scare, he was jelly-legged.
  28. She’s always so jumpy around shadows.
  29. Speaking in public gives me butterflies.
  30. He’s sweating bullets before his speech.

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