Singular and Plural nouns list with Pictures & PDF

Singular and plural nouns are used in our daily conversation here is the list of all daily used singulars and plurals with pdf.

What is a singular or singular noun? A word that denotes one person or a thing is named as a singular or singular noun.

What is a plural or plural noun? A word that denotes two or more than two things is termed a plural or plural noun.

Singular and Plural Nouns List

Singular and Plural – Video Lesson

Singular Plural
Fish Fish
Wife Wives
Box Boxes
Fox Foxes
Tooth Teeth
Bus Busses
Mango Mangoes
Buffalo Buffaloes
Potato Potatoes
Tomato Tomatoes
Pen Pens
Book Books
Sheep Sheep
Girl Girls
Mouse Mice
Knife Knives
Woman Women
Leaf Leaves
Fly Flies
Key Keys
Boy Boys
Thief Thieves
Baby Babies
Ant Ants

Info-graphics of Singulars and Plurals Nouns

singular and plural nouns list
plural of deer
plural of sheep
singulars and plurals
singular and plural nouns
singular and plural nouns with pics
singular and plural nouns list
plural of fly
plural of key
plural of tooth
plural of tomato
singulars plurals

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