Pretty Plural, What is the Plural of Pretty?

Meaning: attractive in a delicate way

Singular and Plural of Pretty

Singular Plural
pretty pretties

Pretty as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She was known for her natural pretty.
  2. The actress has a classic and elegant pretty.
  3. They complimented her on her effortless pretty.
  4. The beauty of the landscape was simply pretty.
  5. Her dress brought out her inner pretty.
  6. She smiled, and her pretty lit up the room.
  7. The model had an ethereal and delicate pretty.
  8. They captured her pretty in the photograph.
  9. The flowers added a touch of pretty to the room.
  10. The actress had an undeniable Hollywood pretty.

Pretty as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pretties at the party wore elegant dresses.
  2. She collects different types of pretties as a hobby.
  3. The shop sells a variety of pretties for home decor.
  4. The garden was filled with colorful pretties of flowers.
  5. The little girl loved playing with her doll pretties.
  6. The box was full of shiny jewelry pretties.
  7. The store displayed a collection of antique pretties.
  8. The shelves were lined with delicate porcelain pretties.
  9. The room was adorned with beautiful art pretties.
  10. The Christmas tree sparkled with ornaments and pretties.

Singular Possessive of Pretty

The singular possessive form of “Pretty” is “Pretty’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pretty:

  1. The pretty’s beauty caught everyone’s attention.
  2. She admired the pretty’s vibrant colors.
  3. The pretty’s charm enhanced the room’s atmosphere.
  4. The flowers’ pretty’s fragrance filled the air.
  5. The dress’s pretty’s design impressed the fashion critics.
  6. The photo captured the pretty’s essence perfectly.
  7. The artist created a masterpiece with the pretty’s inspiration.
  8. The house’s pretty’s appearance increased its value.
  9. The gemstone’s pretty’s sparkle mesmerized the onlookers.
  10. The model showcased the pretty’s elegance on the runway.

Plural Possessive of Pretty

The plural possessive form of “Pretty” is “Pretties'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pretty:

  1. The garden displayed a collection of pretties’.
  2. We need to organize the pretties’ arrangement for the event.
  3. The store sells various pretties’ for home decoration.
  4. She collected different types of pretties’ as a hobby.
  5. The jewelry store showcases a wide range of pretties’.
  6. The art gallery exhibited a collection of pretties’ by local artists.
  7. The display case held a selection of antique pretties’.
  8. The boutique offers unique and fashionable pretties’.
  9. The decorator arranged the room’s pretties’ for a cohesive look.
  10. The gift shop had a section dedicated to children’s pretties’.

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