Absorbance Plural, What is the plural of Absorbance?

Meaning of Absorbance

The meaning of Absorbance is a measure of the capacity of a substance to absorb light of a specified wavelength. It is equal to the logarithm of the reciprocal of the transmittance.

Singular and Plural of Absorbance

The plural of Absorbance is Absorbances. Here are some example sentences and synonyms of Absorbance.

Singular Plural
Absorbance Absorbances

Absorbance as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The scientist measured the absorbance of the sample.
  2. The spectrophotometer provided accurate readings of absorbance.
  3. The high absorbance indicated the presence of a strong chemical reaction.
  4. The researcher analyzed the relationship between concentration and absorbance.
  5. The UV-visible spectrum showed peaks corresponding to specific absorbance wavelengths.
  6. The student conducted experiments to determine the absorbance values of different compounds.
  7. The lab technician recorded the absorbance readings in a data table.
  8. The absorbance spectrum revealed the compound’s characteristic absorption bands.
  9. The absorption spectrometer measured the sample’s absorbance accurately.
  10. The increase in concentration resulted in a higher absorbance value.

Absorbance as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Absorbances of different substances were measured using spectroscopy.
  2. The absorbances of the solutions were compared for analysis.
  3. High absorbances indicated a strong interaction between the light and sample.
  4. The absorbances were plotted against the concentration of the substance.
  5. The spectrophotometer recorded the absorbances at various wavelengths.
  6. Researchers analyzed the absorbances to determine the concentration of the compound.
  7. Different samples showed varying absorbances under identical conditions.
  8. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between pH and absorbances.
  9. The technician recorded the absorbances in a data table for analysis.
  10. The team calculated the average absorbances for each sample.

Singular Possessive of Absorbance 

The singular possessive form of “Absorbance” is “Absorbance’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Absorbance:

  1. The Absorbance’s value determined the concentration.
  2. I calculated the accuracy of the Absorbance’s measurement.
  3. The scientist analyzed the relationship of the Absorbance’s wavelength.
  4. The researcher studied the effect of the Absorbance’s conditions.
  5. The instrument measured the intensity of the Absorbance’s peak.
  6. The technician calibrated the accuracy of the Absorbance’s readings.
  7. The graph displayed the trend of the Absorbance’s data.
  8. The experiment focused on the stability of the Absorbance’s response.
  9. The paper discussed the significance of the Absorbance’s findings.
  10. The student understood the concept of Absorbance’s absorbance.

Plural Possessive of Absorbance 

The plural possessive form of “Absorbance” is “Absorbances'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Absorbance:

  1. The Absorbances’ values determined the concentrations.
  2. I calculated the accuracies of the Absorbances’ measurements.
  3. The scientists analyzed the relationships of the Absorbances’ wavelengths.
  4. The researchers studied the effects of the Absorbances’ conditions.
  5. The instruments measured the intensities of the Absorbances’ peaks.
  6. The technicians calibrated the accuracies of the Absorbances’ readings.
  7. The graphs displayed the trends of the Absorbances’ data.
  8. The experiments focused on the stabilities of the Absorbances’ responses.
  9. The papers discussed the significances of the Absorbances’ findings.
  10. The students understood the concepts of Absorbances’ absorbance.

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