20 Phrases about Fitness Goals

Setting fitness goals is a crucial part of a successful health and wellness journey. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned athlete aiming to enhance your performance, the language we use can motivate and guide us. This blog post explores 20 dynamic phrases about fitness goals that can help articulate your ambitions and keep you driven. Each phrase is accompanied by a brief definition and a straightforward example to illustrate its usage in everyday conversation.

Phrases about Fitness Goals

1. Raise the bar

Meaning: To set a higher standard or goal for oneself.  

Example: This year, I’m raising the bar on my endurance training.

2. Set a personal best

Meaning: To achieve one’s highest record in a fitness activity.  

Example: She set a personal best in the marathon last weekend.

3. Hit the ground running

Meaning: To start something with great enthusiasm and energy.  

Example: He hit the ground running with his new fitness routine.

4. Go the extra mile

Meaning: To do more than what is expected or required.  

Example: He goes the extra mile in his workouts by adding an extra set of reps.

5. Keep on track

Meaning: To continue progressing toward a goal.  

Example: Using a fitness app helps her keep on track with her calorie intake.

6. Push the envelope

Meaning: To go beyond the usual limits by trying new things or innovating.  

Example: She’s pushing the envelope with her new high-intensity workout.

7. Start from scratch

Meaning: To begin from the beginning, without advantages.  

Example: After his injury, he had to start from scratch with his training.

8. Back to square one

Meaning: To start over due to a failure or setback.  

Example: It’s back to square one with my diet after the holidays.

9. Gain ground

Meaning: To make progress; become more successful.  

Example: He’s gaining ground on his goal to run a 5K.

10. Break new ground

Meaning: To begin to do something that no one has done before; to pioneer.  

Example: She broke new ground with her research on yoga’s benefits for mental health.

11. Level up

Meaning: To improve one’s performance to a higher level.  

Example: I’m leveling up my workout routine by joining a gym.

12. In the long run

Meaning: Over or after a long period of time; eventually.  

Example: Staying consistent with your workouts pays off in the long run.

13. Bite the bullet

Meaning: To force oneself to perform a difficult or unpleasant task.  

Example: He bit the bullet and started his diet today.

14. Step up your game

Meaning: To start performing better.  

Example: To meet her fitness goals, she really has to step up her game.

15. No pain, no gain

Meaning: You can’t get improvements without suffering or putting in the effort.  

Example: Remember, no pain, no gain, especially when it comes to fitness!

16. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: To work late into the night or at unusual hours, often used metaphorically.  

Example: I’ve been burning the midnight oil at the gym to prep for the competition.

17. Kick into high gear

Meaning: To start working more effectively or more quickly.  

Example: It’s time to kick my fitness routine into high gear.

18. On the right track

Meaning: Following a course that is likely to result in success.  

Example: Adding strength training has put him on the right track for muscle gain.

19. Take it to the next level

Meaning: To improve something so that it is at a higher standard.  

Example: She’s taking her fitness to the next level with advanced classes.

20. Rise to the challenge

Meaning: To show that you can deal with a difficult situation successfully.  

Example: He rose to the challenge of losing 20 pounds through sheer determination.

Phrases about Fitness Goals