20 Phrases About Daily Routine

Understanding daily routine idioms and phrasal verbs can greatly enhance your English fluency. These expressions are commonly used in everyday conversations, making your speech more natural and engaging. Here are 20 essential phrases related to daily routines, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence.

1. Get up

Meaning: Wake up

Example: I get up at six every morning.

2. Brush up on

Meaning: Improve skills

Example: She brushed up on her Spanish last night.

3. Run errands

Meaning: Do tasks

Example: I need to run errands this afternoon.

4. Catch up with

Meaning: Meet someone

Example: I’ll catch up with you later.

5. Sleep in

Meaning: Wake up late

Example: I love to sleep in on weekends.

6. Work out

Meaning: Exercise

Example: She works out every day after work.

7. Wind down

Meaning: Relax

Example: I wind down with a book before bed.

8. Eat out

Meaning: Dine at a restaurant

Example: We eat out on Fridays.

9. Look after

Meaning: Take care of

Example: She looks after her little brother.

10. Check in

Meaning: Report presence

Example: I need to check in at the office.

11. Go over

Meaning: Review

Example: Let’s go over the report together.

12. Turn in

Meaning: Go to bed

Example: I usually turn in at eleven.

13. Pick up

Meaning: Collect someone/something

Example: Can you pick up the kids today?

14. Take out

Meaning: Remove

Example: I’ll take out the trash tonight.

15. Catch up on

Meaning: Do pending tasks

Example: I need to catch up on my emails.

16. Put off

Meaning: Delay

Example: Don’t put off your homework.

17. Dress up

Meaning: Wear formal clothes

Example: We need to dress up for the party.

18. Drop off

Meaning: Deliver someone/something

Example: I’ll drop off the package at the post office.

19. Cut down on

Meaning: Reduce

Example: He cut down on sugar last month.

20. Call off

Meaning: Cancel

Example: They called off the meeting yesterday.

Phrases About Daily Routine