Learn 30 Phrases Related to Morning Routine

A strong morning routine can set the tone for a productive day. To help you talk about your morning activities more fluently, we’ve compiled a list of 30 useful idioms and phrasal verbs related to morning routines. Each phrase includes a short meaning and an example sentence.

1. Wake up

Meaning: Stop sleeping
Example: I wake up at 6 AM daily.

2. Get up

Meaning: Leave bed
Example: He gets up as soon as he wakes up.

3. Freshen up

Meaning: Refresh oneself
Example: I freshen up before breakfast.

4. Roll out of bed

Meaning: Get out of bed
Example: She rolls out of bed reluctantly.

5. Hit the shower

Meaning: Take a shower
Example: I hit the shower after jogging.

6. Brush up

Meaning: Improve knowledge or skill
Example: He brushes up on his vocabulary.

7. Get dressed

Meaning: Put on clothes
Example: She gets dressed quickly in the morning.

8. Make the bed

Meaning: Arrange bed neatly
Example: I always make the bed after getting up.

9. Eat breakfast

Meaning: Have morning meal
Example: We eat breakfast together every morning.

10. Pack up

Meaning: Gather belongings
Example: She packs up her school bag.

11. Head out

Meaning: Leave home
Example: I head out for work at 8 AM.

12. Sleep in

Meaning: Sleep longer than usual
Example: On weekends, I love to sleep in.

13. Catch up

Meaning: Get updated
Example: He catches up on news during breakfast.

14. Jump-start

Meaning: Start energetically
Example: I jump-start my day with a run.

15. Fuel up

Meaning: Eat to get energy
Example: He fuels up with a big breakfast.

16. Get moving

Meaning: Start being active
Example: I get moving right after I wake up.

17. Work out

Meaning: Exercise
Example: She works out every morning.

18. Get ready

Meaning: Prepare oneself
Example: I get ready for work by 7:30 AM.

19. Plug in

Meaning: Connect device to power
Example: I plug in my phone to charge.

20. Check in

Meaning: Report one’s presence
Example: I check in with my boss at 9 AM.

21. Knock off

Meaning: Finish work
Example: I knock off early if I start early.

22. Turn off

Meaning: Deactivate
Example: She turns off her alarm quickly.

23. Take off

Meaning: Leave quickly
Example: He takes off as soon as he’s ready.

24. Lay out

Meaning: Arrange
Example: I lay out my clothes the night before.

25. Catch up on

Meaning: Do something not done earlier
Example: She catches up on emails in the morning.

26. Sign in

Meaning: Register presence
Example: He signs in to his work account.

27. Cool down

Meaning: Relax after activity
Example: I cool down with yoga after running.

28. Kick off

Meaning: Start
Example: I kick off my day with coffee.

29. Tune in

Meaning: Listen to
Example: I tune in to the news while eating.

30. Set off

Meaning: Begin a journey
Example: We set off for school at 7:30 AM.

Phrases Related to Morning Routine