Learn 30 Phrases Related to Appointment Times

Understanding how to discuss appointment times effectively can enhance your communication skills in both professional and personal settings. This blog post provides you with 30 essential idioms and phrasal verbs related to appointment times, complete with short meanings and example sentences.

1. Set up

Meaning: Arrange

Example: Let’s set up a meeting tomorrow.

2. Pencil in

Meaning: Tentative schedule

Example: Can we pencil in lunch at 1 PM?

3. Run late

Meaning: Delayed

Example: I’m running late for our meeting.

4. Push back

Meaning: Reschedule later

Example: We need to push back the call to 3 PM.

5. Bring forward

Meaning: Reschedule earlier

Example: Can we bring forward our appointment to 10 AM?

6. Catch up

Meaning: Meet to update

Example: Let’s catch up at 2 PM.

7. Call off

Meaning: Cancel

Example: We had to call off the meeting.

8. Hold off

Meaning: Delay

Example: We’ll hold off on the decision until next week.

9. Look forward to

Meaning: Eager anticipation

Example: I look forward to our meeting.

10. Block off

Meaning: Reserve time

Example: I’ll block off time for our discussion.

11. Check in

Meaning: Confirm presence

Example: I’ll check in at 2 PM.

12. Follow up

Meaning: Continue after initial meeting

Example: We need to follow up on this issue.

13. Catch up on

Meaning: Update oneself

Example: I need to catch up on the latest news.

14. Break into

Meaning: Enter

Example: We broke into groups for the discussion.

15. Break off

Meaning: End suddenly

Example: The meeting broke off early.

16. Break up

Meaning: End

Example: The meeting broke up at 5 PM.

17. Meet up

Meaning: Gather

Example: Let’s meet up at 7 PM.

18. Take place

Meaning: Occur

Example: The meeting will take place at 3 PM.

19. Cut short

Meaning: End early

Example: We had to cut short the meeting.

20. Wrap up

Meaning: Finish

Example: Let’s wrap up by 5 PM.

21. Set aside

Meaning: Reserve

Example: I’ll set aside time for our call.

22. Plan ahead

Meaning: Prepare in advance

Example: We need to plan ahead for our meeting.

23. Check out

Meaning: Leave

Example: I’ll check out at 4 PM.

24. Step out

Meaning: Leave temporarily

Example: I need to step out for a bit.

25. Put off

Meaning: Postpone

Example: We need to put off the meeting.

26. Hold up

Meaning: Delay

Example: The traffic held me up.

27. Look into

Meaning: Investigate

Example: I’ll look into the issue before our meeting.

28. Work out

Meaning: Resolve

Example: We’ll work out the details at 3 PM.

29. Make time

Meaning: Find time

Example: I’ll make time for you at 4 PM.

30. Fit in

Meaning: Schedule

Example: Can we fit in a call at noon?

Phrases Related to Appointment Times