Monkfish Plural, What is the Plural of Monkfish?

Meaning: a bottom-dwelling fish of European waters

Singular and Plural of Monkfish

Singular Plural
monkfish monkfish

Monkfish as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The chef prepared a delicious dish with monkfish.
  2. The monkfish has a unique appearance with its wide mouth.
  3. The monkfish is a popular seafood choice in fine dining.
  4. The meat of the monkfish is tender and flavorful.
  5. The monkfish is also known as “anglerfish” or “sea-devil.”
  6. The monkfish is often used in stews and soups.
  7. The monkfish is highly sought after by seafood enthusiasts.
  8. The monkfish is native to the Atlantic Ocean.
  9. The monkfish has a reputation for being a versatile ingredient.
  10. The monkfish is known for its firm texture and mild taste.

Monkfish as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The market displayed an array of fresh monkfish.
  2. The chefs competed to create the best dish using monkfish.
  3. The fishermen caught several large monkfish.
  4. The demand for monkfish increased due to its culinary value.
  5. The chefs praised the quality of the caught monkfish.
  6. The restaurant menu featured various recipes with monkfish.
  7. The monkfish population is carefully managed to ensure sustainability.
  8. The fishmonger offered a discount on fresh monkfish.
  9. The market stall specialized in selling different species of monkfish.
  10. The chefs shared their creative recipes using monkfish.

Singular Possessive of Monkfish 

The singular possessive form of “Monkfish” is “Monkfish’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Monkfish:

  1. The monkfish’s teeth were sharp and pointed.
  2. The chef prepared the monkfish’s fillet with a special sauce.
  3. The fisherman caught the monkfish’s enormous specimen.
  4. The restaurant served a delicious dish made with monkfish’s tail.
  5. The diver photographed the unique markings on the monkfish’s body.
  6. The biologist studied the monkfish’s reproductive behavior.
  7. The market displayed a fresh catch of monkfish’s.
  8. The recipe called for marinating the monkfish’s meat in lemon juice.
  9. The angler proudly displayed the monkfish’s trophy catch.
  10. The gourmets savored the delicate flavor of the monkfish’s flesh.

Plural Possessive of Monkfish 

The plural possessive form of “Monkfish” is “Monkfish’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Monkfish:

  1. The menu featured a variety of dishes made with monkfish’s.
  2. The chefs competed to create the best recipe using monkfish’s.
  3. The fishmongers displayed the fresh catch of monkfish’s.
  4. The diners enjoyed the flavors of the monkfish’s dishes.
  5. The researchers studied the migratory patterns of monkfish’s.
  6. The fishermen shared their stories of encountering schools of monkfish’s.
  7. The cookbook included several recipes for cooking monkfish’s.
  8. The culinary school offered a class on preparing monkfish’s.
  9. The restaurant owner sourced sustainable monkfish’s for their menu.
  10. The fishing industry regulated the harvesting of monkfish’s to ensure conservation.

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