Medical Terms That Start With Q -(Medical Words Mastery)

The medical field encompasses a vast vocabulary, some of which can be quite unfamiliar to those outside the profession. The letter “Q”, while not the most frequently used in the English language, brings forth several specific and essential terms in the medical world. From diseases to procedures and even medications, let’s take a look at some of these critical terminologies.

Medical Terms That Start With Q

Here is the list of the most popular words that start with Q:

  1. Quadriplegia
  2. Quinidine
  3. Quinsy
  4. Quadriceps
  5. Quercetin
  6. QT Interval
  7. Quinine
  8. Quickening
  9. Q-fever
  10. Quorum sensing

Diseases and Conditions With Q

  1. Q-fever
  2. Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  3. Quiescent ulcer
  4. Quincke’s edema
  5. Quinism
  6. Quadriparesis
  7. Quadriplegia
  8. Quinsy
  9. Quasimodo syndrome
  10. Quadricuspid aortic valve
  11. Quinism (chronic)
  12. Quinine deafness

Symptoms With Q

  1. Quadrantanopia
  2. Quadriplegia
  3. Quadriparesis
  4. Quinsy pain
  5. Quivering muscles
  6. Quickened pulse
  7. Quiescent stage
  8. Quietus (sudden death)
  9. Quaking
  10. Quiescent lesions
  11. Quadrigeminal rhythm
  12. Quincke’s sign

Procedures With Q

  1. Q-switched laser treatment
  2. Quadrantectomy
  3. Quadruple bypass
  4. Quadriceps tendon repair
  5. Quantitative sensory testing
  6. Quasi-static compression testing
  7. Quantitative PCR
  8. Quantitative sweat test
  9. Quadricepsplasty
  10. Quicksilver injection
  11. Quincke’s puncture
  12. Quadratus lumborum block

Medications With Q

  1. Quinidine
  2. Quinine
  3. Quetiapine
  4. Quinapril
  5. Quinolones
  6. Quercetin
  7. Quazepam
  8. Quinestrol
  9. Quinagolide
  10. Quinupristin
  11. Quinolone antibiotics
  12. Quinine sulfate

Imaging and Tests With Q

  1. Quantitative computer tomography (QCT)
  2. Quantitative ultrasound
  3. QRS complex test
  4. Quantitative EEG
  5. Q-switched laser test
  6. Quantitative perfusion
  7. Q-angle measurement
  8. Quadrant visual field test
  9. Quadriceps angle test
  10. Quadruple screen
  11. Q-fever serology
  12. Quincke’s test

Vaccination and Immunology With Q

  1. Q-fever vaccine
  2. Quellung reaction
  3. Quadrivalent influenza vaccine
  4. Quadrivalent HPV vaccine
  5. Quinine allergy test
  6. Quinidine sensitivity test
  7. Quasi-species analysis
  8. Quad dose hepatitis B vaccine
  9. Quantitative IgE test
  10. Quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine
  11. Quinidine immunosuppression test
  12. Quick skin test

Drugs With Q

  1. Quinidine
  2. Quetiapine
  3. Quinolone
  4. Quinine
  5. Quinapril
  6. Quazepam
  7. Quinestrol
  8. Quetiapine fumarate
  9. Quinine hydrochloride
  10. Quinagolide hydrochloride
  11. Quinidine gluconate
  12. Quinidine sulfate

A to Z Medical Glossary


Medical Words With Q & Their Meanings

  1. Quadriplegia – Paralysis of all four limbs.
  2. Quadrantanopia – Vision loss in one-fourth of the visual field.
  3. Quinidine – A medication used to treat heart arrhythmias.
  4. Quinsy – Another term for a peritonsillar abscess.
  5. Quadriceps – A muscle group at the front of the thigh.
  6. Quercetin – A plant pigment that acts as an antioxidant.
  7. QT Interval – Time measurement on an ECG between the start of the Q wave and the end of the T wave.
  8. Quinine – A medication used for treating malaria.
  9. Quickening – The first fetal movements felt by a pregnant woman.
  10. Q-fever – A disease caused by the bacterium Coxiella burnetii.
  11. Quorum sensing – A system of stimulus in bacteria linked to population density.
  12. Quervain’s tenosynovitis – Inflammation of the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist.
  13. Quiescent – Being at rest or inactive.
  14. Quincke’s edema – Another term for angioedema, rapid swelling of the dermis.
  15. Quinism – A condition caused by chronic quinine poisoning.
  16. Quadriparesis – Weakness in all four limbs.
  17. Quasimodo syndrome – A colloquial term for kyphosis or hunchback.
  18. Quadrantanemia – Blood deficiency in a quadrant of the body.
  19. Quinolones – A class of antibiotics.
  20. Quetiapine – An antipsychotic medication.
  21. Quinapril – A medication for hypertension and heart failure.
  22. Q-switched laser – A laser that delivers energy in a single, rapid output for specific treatments.
  23. Quadrantectomy – Surgical removal of a quadrant of an organ or gland.
  24. Quantitative PCR – A method to measure DNA or RNA quantities.
  25. Quantitative EEG – A method to measure and quantify EEG activity.
  26. Quadricepsplasty – Surgical procedure to improve the knee’s range of motion.
  27. Quicksilver – Another term for mercury, a heavy metal.
  28. Quinestrol – An estrogen compound used in medicine.
  29. Quazepam – A medication for insomnia.
  30. Quinagolide – A medication to reduce prolactin levels.
  31. Quinine sulfate – A compound used in the treatment of malaria.
  32. Quantitative CT – A computed tomography scan that quantifies tissue density.
  33. Quantitative ultrasound – Ultrasound used to quantify tissue characteristics.
  34. QRS complex – Part of an ECG tracing representing ventricular depolarization.
  35. Quellung reaction – A reaction to identify specific bacterial capsular polysaccharides.
  36. Quad dose – A vaccine dosage that is four times the standard amount.
  37. Quasi-static compression – A slow compression process for studying material response.
  38. Quinidine gluconate – A salt form of quinidine used as a medication.
  39. Quetiapine fumarate – A salt form of quetiapine used as a medication.
  40. Quinine hydrochloride – A compound used for treating malaria.
  41. Quantitative sweat test – A test measuring the concentration of salt in sweat.
  42. Quantitative IgE test – Measures the quantity of IgE antibodies in the blood.
  43. Quad screen – A prenatal test that measures four substances in a pregnant woman’s blood.
  44. Quorum inhibition – Strategies to interfere with quorum sensing in bacteria.
  45. Quadratus lumborum block – A form of regional anesthesia for abdominal surgery.
  46. Quadrigeminal rhythm – A cardiac rhythm issue.
  47. Quadrivalent vaccine – A vaccine protecting against four different viruses or strains.
  48. Quantitative perfusion – Measuring the rate at which blood delivers nutrients to an area.
  49. Quinolone antibiotics – A group of antibiotics including ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin.
  50. Quinidine immunosuppression – A phenomenon where quinidine affects the immune system.
  51. Quick skin test – A rapid skin test to check for certain allergic reactions.
  52. Quantitative serology – Measuring the quantity of specific antibodies in the serum.
  53. Quinidine sensitivity test – Tests for sensitivity to the drug quinidine.
  54. Quiescent ulcer – An ulcer that is not currently producing symptoms.
  55. Q-angle measurement – Measurement assessing the angle between the quadriceps and patellar tendon.
  56. Quercetin supplement – Supplement containing the antioxidant quercetin.
  57. Quantitative cultures – Cultures in which bacteria are counted to determine concentration.
  58. Quantification test – A test measuring specific components like proteins, genes, or cells.
  59. Quadriceps tendon repair – Surgery to fix a torn quadriceps tendon.
  60. Quantitative muscle assessment – A method to measure muscle strength and function.
  61. Quiescent phase – A resting or inactive phase.
  62. Quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine – Vaccine against four strains of meningococcal bacteria.
  63. Quasimodo effect – Colloquial term for the psychological effects of having a physical deformity.
  64. Quantal dose-response – Response to differing doses in a step-wise fashion.
  65. Quinolone resistance – When bacteria become resistant to quinolone antibiotics.
  66. Quincke’s puncture – Another term for lumbar puncture or spinal tap.
  67. Quantal assay – Measurement of the number of organisms showing a binary response to treatment.
  68. Quinovose – A sugar derivative found in some glycosides.
  69. Quintuplets – Five offspring born at one birth.
  70. Quix test – A test used in the diagnosis of labyrinthine fistula.
  71. Quantum dots – Nanoscale semiconductor particles used in medical imaging and other applications.
  72. Quinoline – A heterocyclic aromatic organic compound, some derivatives of which have medical uses.
  73. Quiescent stage – A period where a disease is present but not actively progressing.
  74. Quantitative genetics – Study of the genetic mechanisms underlying trait variation.
  75. Quintessence – A term from traditional medicine implying the perfect remedy.
  76. Quincke’s sign – A clinical sign of aortic insufficiency where the nail bed pulsates.
  77. Quantitative blood cultures – Cultures measure the quantity of bacteria in the blood.
  78. Quadriga phenomenon – Limitation of finger flexion due to uneven flexor tendon repairs.
  79. Quadruple therapy – A treatment regimen that combines four different drugs or modalities.
  80. Quinidine polygalacturonate – A form of quinidine used for its antiarrhythmic properties.
  81. Quantitative trait loci (QTL) – Regions of DNA associated with particular phenotypic traits.
  82. Quinidine lactate – Another form of the drug quinidine.
  83. Quorum quenching – Strategies to disrupt microbial communication through quorum sensing.
  84. Quantum health – A holistic approach to health based on principles from quantum physics (often considered alternative medicine).
  85. Quinary pattern – A classification pattern beyond primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.
  86. Quantum healing – A type of alternative medicine that emphasizes the body’s quantum mechanics.
  87. Quinidine bisulfate – A specific salt form of the drug quinidine.
  88. Quantitative trait allele (QTA) – Specific version of a gene contributing to variation in a quantitative trait.
  89. Quantile regression – A type of regression analysis used in statistics and epidemiology.
  90. Quenching – In MRI, a process that decreases the superconductivity of the magnet by warming it.
  91. Quadruple helix – A four-stranded conformation of DNA.
  92. Quasi-experiment – A research method similar to an experimental study but lacks random assignment.
  93. Quantum biology – The intersection of quantum mechanics and biology, studying processes that rely on quantum phenomena.

Medical Terms That Start With Q