Learn 20 Expressions Related to Technology

In today’s digital age, understanding technology-related expressions is essential for effective communication. This blog post explores 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to technology, complete with brief definitions and example sentences to enhance your tech vocabulary.

1. Cutting-edge

Meaning: Highly advanced
Example Sentence: This software is cutting-edge and very efficient.

2. Boot up

Meaning: Start a computer
Example Sentence: I need to boot up my laptop for work.

3. Plug and play

Meaning: Easy to use
Example Sentence: The new printer is truly plug and play.

4. Surf the web

Meaning: Browse the internet
Example Sentence: I love to surf the web for new recipes.

5. Run out of juice

Meaning: Battery dead
Example Sentence: My phone ran out of juice during the call.

6. Pull the plug

Meaning: Stop an activity
Example Sentence: They decided to pull the plug on the project.

7. Tech-savvy

Meaning: Good with technology
Example Sentence: She is very tech-savvy and fixes all issues.

8. Back to square one

Meaning: Start over
Example Sentence: The code failed, so we’re back to square one.

9. Hit the refresh button

Meaning: Restart something
Example Sentence: Sometimes you need to hit the refresh button in life.

10. Push someone’s buttons

Meaning: Annoy someone
Example Sentence: He knows how to push her buttons during meetings.

11. On the same wavelength

Meaning: Understand each other
Example Sentence: We are on the same wavelength about this project.

12. Light years ahead

Meaning: Far advanced
Example Sentence: This innovation is light years ahead of its time.

13. Pull the plug

Meaning: End something
Example Sentence: They pulled the plug on the outdated system.

14. Crash and burn

Meaning: Fail spectacularly
Example Sentence: The new app launch was a crash and burn.

15. Break the internet

Meaning: Go viral
Example Sentence: Her video broke the internet overnight.

16. Blow a fuse

Meaning: Get angry
Example Sentence: He blew a fuse when his computer crashed.

17. Power up

Meaning: Turn on
Example Sentence: I need to power up my desktop to check emails.

18. Byte the bullet

Meaning: Face a difficult situation
Example Sentence: It’s time to byte the bullet and upgrade.

19. Face time

Meaning: In-person interaction
Example Sentence: We need more face time with clients.

20. Downtime

Meaning: Period of inactivity
Example Sentence: The server has a scheduled downtime tonight.

Expressions Related to Technology