Learn 20 Expressions Related to Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process, often leading to the use of specific expressions to describe various aspects of it. Understanding these expressions can help in navigating conversations and understanding the experiences related to divorce.

1. Break Up

Meaning: End a relationship
Example: They decided to break up last year.

2. Split Up

Meaning: Separate or end a relationship
Example: They split up after ten years of marriage.

3. Call It Quits

Meaning: End a relationship
Example: They called it quits after many arguments.

4. Go Separate Ways

Meaning: Take different paths
Example: They decided to go their separate ways.

5. Part Ways

Meaning: Separate
Example: They parted ways amicably after the divorce.

6. File for Divorce

Meaning: Start divorce proceedings
Example: She filed for divorce last month.

7. Get a Divorce

Meaning: Legally dissolve a marriage
Example: They got a divorce after years of fighting.

8. Take Custody

Meaning: Obtain child custody
Example: She took custody of their children.

9. Go Through a Divorce

Meaning: Experience the process of divorce
Example: He is going through a divorce right now.

10. Settle the Divorce

Meaning: Resolve the terms of divorce
Example: They settled the divorce peacefully.

11. Divorce Settlement

Meaning: Agreement after divorce
Example: The divorce settlement was finalized yesterday.

12. Move On

Meaning: Start a new life
Example: She moved on after the divorce.

13. Get Over

Meaning: Recover from
Example: He is trying to get over the divorce.

14. Bounce Back

Meaning: Recover quickly
Example: She bounced back after the divorce.

15. Keep the House

Meaning: Retain the house in divorce
Example: She kept the house after the settlement.

16. Split Assets

Meaning: Divide possessions
Example: They split assets equally during the divorce.

17. Go to Court

Meaning: Seek legal resolution
Example: They had to go to court for the divorce.

18. Sign the Papers

Meaning: Complete legal documents
Example: They signed the papers last week.

19. Alimony Payment

Meaning: Spousal support
Example: He makes alimony payments every month.

20. Prenuptial Agreement

Meaning: Pre-marriage contract
Example: They had a prenuptial agreement before marrying.

Expressions Related to Divorce