Learn 20 Expressions Related to Fantasy

Fantasy literature and conversations often feature unique expressions that transport readers and listeners into magical worlds. These expressions add color and depth to the storytelling, enhancing the fantastical elements. Here are 20 expressions related to fantasy, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence to illustrate their use.

1. By a whisker

Meaning: Narrowly escape
Example: The hero escaped the dragon by a whisker.

2. Cast a spell

Meaning: Use magic
Example: The witch cast a spell on the village.

3. In the blink of an eye

Meaning: Very quickly
Example: The castle vanished in the blink of an eye.

4. Vanish into thin air

Meaning: Disappear suddenly
Example: The magician vanished into thin air.

5. Enchanted forest

Meaning: Magical woods
Example: They wandered into the enchanted forest.

6. Break the spell

Meaning: End enchantment
Example: True love’s kiss broke the spell.

7. Into the unknown

Meaning: Venture uncharted
Example: They journeyed into the unknown.

8. The stuff of legends

Meaning: Legendary stories
Example: His bravery is the stuff of legends.

9. Fly on a broomstick

Meaning: Travel magically
Example: The witch flew on a broomstick.

10. Wield magic

Meaning: Use magic power
Example: The sorcerer wielded magic to protect the realm.

11. Face the dragon

Meaning: Confront danger
Example: He had to face the dragon to save the kingdom.

12. Aladdin’s cave

Meaning: Treasure trove
Example: The attic was like Aladdin’s cave.

13. Cloak of invisibility

Meaning: Become invisible
Example: He put on the cloak of invisibility.

14. Magic carpet ride

Meaning: Exciting journey
Example: Their adventure was a magic carpet ride.

15. Guard the treasure

Meaning: Protect valuables
Example: The dragon guarded the treasure fiercely.

16. Quest for the grail

Meaning: Seek something precious
Example: Their mission was a quest for the grail.

17. Pot of gold

Meaning: Hidden riches
Example: He found the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.

18. Unicorn sighting

Meaning: Rare event
Example: A unicorn sighting is a rare occurrence.

19. Ride a dragon

Meaning: Adventure on dragon
Example: She dreamed of riding a dragon.

20. Open sesame

Meaning: Unlock magic
Example: The cave opened with ‘Open sesame.’

Expressions Related to Fantasy