Learn 20 Expressions Related to Education

Education is full of unique expressions that add color and depth to conversations. In this post, we’ll explore 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to education, complete with short meanings and example sentences. Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, these expressions will enrich your language skills.

1. Hit the books

Meaning: Study hard
Example: I need to hit the books tonight.

2. Learn the ropes

Meaning: Understand the basics
Example: It took me a month to learn the ropes.

3. Pass with flying colors

Meaning: Succeed brilliantly
Example: She passed her exams with flying colors.

4. Drop out

Meaning: Leave school early
Example: He decided to drop out of college.

5. Brush up on

Meaning: Improve skills
Example: I need to brush up on my math.

6. Cut class

Meaning: Skip a class
Example: They decided to cut class and go to the beach.

7. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Study late
Example: I had to burn the midnight oil to finish.

8. Ace a test

Meaning: Do very well
Example: She aced her history test.

9. Pull an all-nighter

Meaning: Study all night
Example: I pulled an all-nighter before the exam.

10. Get the hang of

Meaning: Understand how to
Example: I finally got the hang of algebra.

11. Make the grade

Meaning: Meet expectations
Example: He made the grade in all his subjects.

12. Cram for

Meaning: Study intensively
Example: I need to cram for my finals.

13. Take attendance

Meaning: Check presence
Example: The teacher took attendance every morning.

14. Be a bookworm

Meaning: Love reading
Example: She’s always been a bookworm, reading daily.

15. Goof off

Meaning: Waste time
Example: They were goofing off instead of studying.

16. Drop a subject

Meaning: Stop studying
Example: He decided to drop a subject this semester.

17. Hit the hay

Meaning: Go to sleep
Example: After studying, I hit the hay at midnight.

18. Keep up with

Meaning: Stay informed
Example: It’s hard to keep up with all the assignments.

19. Come up short

Meaning: Fail to achieve
Example: I studied hard but came up short in math.

20. Learn by heart

Meaning: Memorize
Example: I need to learn this poem by heart.

Expressions Related to Education