Learn 20 Expressions Related to Discord

Discord is a part of human interactions that can lead to growth and change, despite often being viewed negatively. In this blog post, we will explore 20 expressions related to discord, which enrich conversations about disagreements, conflicts, or disputes. These phrases and idioms can help articulate complex feelings about discord in a nuanced way, useful in both personal discussions and professional communications.

Expressions Related to Discord

1. At loggerheads

Meaning: Strong disagreement.

Example: They were at loggerheads over the project’s direction.

2. Bump heads

Meaning: To disagree or argue.

Example: The managers often bump heads on sales strategies.

3. Cross swords

Meaning: To have a heated argument.

Example: They crossed swords during the meeting.

4. Add fuel to the fire

Meaning: Worsen an already bad situation.

Example: His rude comment added fuel to the fire.

5. Stir the pot

Meaning: Cause unrest or dissent.

Example: He likes to stir the pot during discussions.

6. At odds

Meaning: In conflict.

Example: They are at odds over the new policy.

7. Lock horns

Meaning: Engage in a conflict.

Example: The two politicians locked horns on live TV.

8. Throw a wrench into the works

Meaning: Cause a disturbance in plans or operations.

Example: The sudden rain threw a wrench into the works of the outdoor event.

9. Ruffle feathers

Meaning: To irritate or upset people.

Example: His blunt speech ruffled many feathers.

10. Rock the boat

Meaning: To disturb a stable situation.

Example: Don’t rock the boat before the elections.

11. Butt heads

Meaning: To argue about something.

Example: They butt heads every time budget cuts are mentioned.

12. Fan the flames

Meaning: To make a situation worse.

Example: His sarcastic remarks fanned the flames.

13. A bone of contention

Meaning: A subject or issue over which there is continuing disagreement.

Example: The inheritance was a bone of contention for years.

14. Up in arms

Meaning: Angry or upset.

Example: The community is up in arms over the proposed law.

15. Cut to the quick

Meaning: Deeply hurt someone’s feelings.

Example: Her comments cut him to the quick.

16. Burn bridges

Meaning: Destroy relationships recklessly.

Example: He burned bridges with his harsh criticisms.

17. Make waves

Meaning: Cause significant, often unwelcome, change or disturbance.

Example: Her new policy proposal is making waves in the department.

18. A thorn in one’s side

Meaning: A constant source of annoyance.

Example: The unresolved issue became a thorn in his side.

19. The last straw

Meaning: The final problem in a series of problems.

Example: This mistake was the last straw; she decided to quit.

20. Stir up a hornet’s nest

Meaning: Provoke a violent or hostile reaction.

Example: His controversial statements stirred up a hornet’s nest online.

Expressions Related to Discord