Learn 20 Expressions Related to Humility

Humility is a vital human virtue that helps maintain respectful and honest relationships. This post explores 20 expressions related to humility, each encapsulating the essence of being humble in various contexts.

1. Eat humble pie

Meaning: Admit fault or error
Example: He had to eat humble pie after his mistake.

2. Bite the bullet

Meaning: Endure a painful experience
Example: She bit the bullet and apologized first.

3. Keep a low profile

Meaning: Avoid drawing attention
Example: He kept a low profile during the meeting.

4. Play second fiddle

Meaning: Be subordinate
Example: She’s content playing second fiddle to her boss.

5. Not blow one’s own trumpet

Meaning: Avoid boasting
Example: He doesn’t blow his own trumpet, even if he’s successful.

6. Stay grounded

Meaning: Remain humble
Example: Despite fame, she stays grounded.

7. Take a back seat

Meaning: Reduce one’s role
Example: He took a back seat to let others shine.

8. Fall on one’s sword

Meaning: Accept blame
Example: To resolve the issue, she fell on her sword.

9. Hold one’s horses

Meaning: Be patient and restrained
Example: Hold your horses before claiming credit.

10. Bend over backwards

Meaning: Try very hard
Example: He bends over backwards to remain fair.

11. Swallow one’s pride

Meaning: Humble oneself
Example: He swallowed his pride and asked for help.

12. Give credit where credit is due

Meaning: Acknowledge others’ effort
Example: She always gives credit where credit is due.

13. Keep one’s feet on the ground

Meaning: Remain practical and humble
Example: He keeps his feet on the ground, despite his wealth.

14. Throw in the towel

Meaning: Admit defeat
Example: He threw in the towel and admitted his limitations.

15. To walk the talk

Meaning: Act consistently with one’s talk
Example: She walks the talk by always being modest.

16. Eat crow

Meaning: Admit a fault or an error
Example: He had to eat crow after losing the bet.

17. Toe the line

Meaning: Follow the rules
Example: She toes the line, respecting the hierarchy.

18. Bite one’s tongue

Meaning: Stop oneself from speaking
Example: I often bite my tongue during heated discussions.

19. Stand in someone’s shoes

Meaning: Empathize with someone
Example: Standing in his shoes, I understood his humility.

20. Tread lightly

Meaning: Proceed with care or humility
Example: He treads lightly when discussing achievements.

Expressions Related to Humility