Learn 20 Expressions Related to Sports

Sports have a language of their own, filled with idioms and phrasal verbs that capture the essence of competition and teamwork. Understanding these expressions can enhance your communication and comprehension of sports-related discussions. Here are 20 common sports expressions to add to your vocabulary.

1. A Good Sport

Meaning: Someone who accepts defeat well
Example: She’s always a good sport, win or lose.

2. On the Ball

Meaning: Alert and efficient
Example: You need to be on the ball to succeed here.

3. In the Running

Meaning: Having a chance to win
Example: He’s still in the running for the promotion.

4. Hit Below the Belt

Meaning: Unfair attack
Example: His comment was really hitting below the belt.

5. Give It Your Best Shot

Meaning: Do your best
Example: Just give it your best shot in the interview.

6. Par for the Course

Meaning: Typical, usual
Example: Delays are par for the course in this job.

7. Drop the Gloves

Meaning: Start a fight
Example: They dropped the gloves during the meeting.

8. Blow the Whistle

Meaning: Expose wrongdoing
Example: She blew the whistle on the company’s corruption.

9. Take One for the Team

Meaning: Sacrifice for the group
Example: He decided to take one for the team and work late.

10. Get Off the Bench

Meaning: Start participating
Example: It’s time to get off the bench and help out.

11. Play Hardball

Meaning: Be tough and aggressive
Example: They decided to play hardball in the negotiations.

12. Throw a Hail Mary

Meaning: Attempt something desperate
Example: They threw a Hail Mary to win the contract.

13. In the Big Leagues

Meaning: At a high level
Example: He’s playing in the big leagues now with this job.

14. Go to Bat for Someone

Meaning: Support someone
Example: She’ll go to bat for you if you need help.

15. Throw a Curveball

Meaning: Introduce an unexpected challenge
Example: The new regulation threw a curveball at our plans.

16. Cover All the Bases

Meaning: Be thorough
Example: Make sure you cover all the bases in your report.

17. Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Meaning: Stay focused
Example: You must keep your eye on the ball during negotiations.

18. Step Up to the Plate

Meaning: Take responsibility
Example: It’s time to step up to the plate and lead the team.

19. On the Sidelines

Meaning: Not actively involved
Example: He was left on the sidelines during the project.

20. The Ball Is in Your Court

Meaning: It’s your decision
Example: I’ve done my part; now the ball is in your court.

Expressions Related to Sports