Learn 20 Expressions Related to Joy

Joy is an emotion that lights up our lives, often bubbling up during moments of success, love, or unexpected pleasure. It’s a universal feeling that connects us across different cultures and experiences. In this post, we explore 20 expressions that encapsulate the essence of joy, each with its unique flair and usage. Delve into these phrases to express your happiness vividly and colorfully.

1. Over the moon

Meaning: Extremely happy
Example: She was over the moon about her new job.

2. On cloud nine

Meaning: Very joyful
Example: Winning the award put him on cloud nine.

3. In seventh heaven

Meaning: In a state of ecstasy
Example: After hearing the news, they were in seventh heaven.

4. Walking on air

Meaning: Feeling elated
Example: He’s been walking on air since the proposal.

5. Jump for joy

Meaning: Show happiness energetically
Example: They jumped for joy after hearing the good news.

6. Burst with joy

Meaning: Feel very joyful
Example: She burst with joy when she met her idol.

7. Tickled pink

Meaning: Very pleased
Example: He was tickled pink by the surprise party.

8. On top of the world

Meaning: Feeling ecstatic
Example: She felt on top of the world after her promotion.

9. Floating on air

Meaning: Feeling very happy
Example: They’ve been floating on air since their wedding day.

10. Grin from ear to ear

Meaning: Show happiness with a big smile
Example: He was grinning from ear to ear during the concert.

11. Dance with joy

Meaning: Show happiness through dancing
Example: They danced with joy at the festival.

12. Glow with happiness

Meaning: Radiate joy
Example: She glowed with happiness on her graduation day.

13. Thrilled to bits

Meaning: Extremely thrilled
Example: He was thrilled to bits to see his friends.

14. Be in high spirits

Meaning: Feel very happy
Example: They were in high spirits at the reunion.

15. Buzzing with excitement

Meaning: Vibrating with joy
Example: She was buzzing with excitement about her trip.

16. Feel like a million dollars

Meaning: Feel extremely good or happy
Example: I felt like a million dollars in my new outfit.

17. Laugh one’s head off

Meaning: Laugh very happily
Example: We laughed our heads off at the comedy show.

18. Paint the town red

Meaning: Celebrate joyfully
Example: They painted the town red for her birthday.

19. Be on a high

Meaning: Feel a wave of happiness
Example: He’s been on a high since passing his exams.

20. Light up like a Christmas tree

Meaning: Show extreme happiness visibly
Example: Her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw the puppy.

Expressions Related to Joy