Learn 20 Expressions Related to Justice

Justice is a fundamental concept in society, encompassing fairness, equality, and the rule of law. Understanding expressions related to justice can enhance your communication and comprehension of legal and ethical discussions. Here are 20 expressions to help you navigate conversations about justice effectively.

1. Bring to Justice

Meaning: Punish legally.
Example: The criminal was finally brought to justice.

2. On the Right Side of the Law

Meaning: Acting legally.
Example: He always stayed on the right side of the law.

3. Above the Law

Meaning: Exempt from rules.
Example: No one is above the law.

4. By the Book

Meaning: Follow rules strictly.
Example: The judge ruled by the book.

5. Throw the Book at

Meaning: Punish severely.
Example: The court threw the book at the corrupt official.

6. Take the Law into One’s Own Hands

Meaning: Seek justice personally.
Example: He took the law into his own hands.

7. Face the Music

Meaning: Accept punishment.
Example: She had to face the music for her actions.

8. Lay Down the Law

Meaning: Set strict rules.
Example: The new CEO laid down the law immediately.

9. Beat the Rap

Meaning: Escape punishment.
Example: The suspect managed to beat the rap.

10. Judge and Jury

Meaning: Decide fate.
Example: He acted as judge and jury in the dispute.

11. Under the Table

Meaning: Illicitly.
Example: They were paid under the table.

12. Cut a Deal

Meaning: Make an agreement.
Example: The defendant cut a deal with prosecutors.

13. Blind Justice

Meaning: Impartial fairness.
Example: The statue symbolizes blind justice.

14. Red Tape

Meaning: Bureaucratic delay.
Example: They got caught up in red tape.

15. Letter of the Law

Meaning: Literal interpretation.
Example: The lawyer argued the letter of the law.

16. Arm of the Law

Meaning: Law enforcement.
Example: The arm of the law caught up with him.

17. Stick to One’s Guns

Meaning: Maintain position.
Example: She stuck to her guns during the trial.

18. Pass Sentence

Meaning: Declare punishment.
Example: The judge passed sentence swiftly.

19. Due Process

Meaning: Fair legal procedures.
Example: Everyone deserves due process.

20. Day in Court

Meaning: Fair hearing.
Example: He finally had his day in court.

Expressions Related to Justice