Learn 20 Expressions Related to Strength

Strength is a crucial attribute, often celebrated in various aspects of life. Whether physical, emotional, or mental, demonstrating strength can make a significant impact. In this post, we will explore 20 expressions that convey different nuances of strength. These expressions are commonly used in everyday language and can enrich your vocabulary.

1. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Endure a painful situation.
Example: She decided to bite the bullet and confront her fears.

2. Break the Ice

Meaning: Initiate conversation.
Example: To break the ice, he told a joke.

3. Burn the Midnight Oil

Meaning: Work late into the night.
Example: She burned the midnight oil to finish her project.

4. Carry the Torch

Meaning: Continue a tradition.
Example: He carries the torch for his family’s business.

5. Face the Music

Meaning: Accept the consequences.
Example: It’s time to face the music and admit your mistake.

6. Fight Tooth and Nail

Meaning: Fight very fiercely.
Example: They fought tooth and nail to save their home.

7. Go the Extra Mile

Meaning: Make an extra effort.
Example: She always goes the extra mile for her clients.

8. Hit the Ground Running

Meaning: Start something energetically.
Example: He hit the ground running in his new job.

9. Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

Meaning: Stay brave and calm.
Example: She kept a stiff upper lip during the crisis.

10. Lift Someone’s Spirits

Meaning: Make someone feel better.
Example: Her visit lifted my spirits during my illness.

11. Move Heaven and Earth

Meaning: Do everything possible.
Example: He will move heaven and earth to help her.

12. Pull Through

Meaning: Survive a difficult situation.
Example: She pulled through the surgery successfully.

13. Roll with the Punches

Meaning: Adapt to difficulties.
Example: He learned to roll with the punches in life.

14. Shoulder the Burden

Meaning: Take on a heavy responsibility.
Example: She shouldered the burden of caring for her parents.

15. Stand One’s Ground

Meaning: Maintain one’s position.
Example: He stood his ground despite the opposition.

16. Stick to One’s Guns

Meaning: Refuse to change one’s beliefs.
Example: She stuck to her guns on the issue.

17. Take the Plunge

Meaning: Commit decisively.
Example: He took the plunge and started his own business.

18. Throw in the Towel

Meaning: Give up.
Example: After many failures, he threw in the towel.

19. Weather the Storm

Meaning: Endure a difficult period.
Example: They weathered the storm of financial difficulties.

20. Win the Day

Meaning: Achieve success.
Example: Their perseverance helped them win the day.

Expressions Related to Strength