Learn 20 Expressions Related to Thanklessness

Experiencing or observing thanklessness can be disheartening. It’s often encapsulated in phrases and idioms that convey the lack of gratitude more vividly than plain language. In this blog post, we explore 20 expressions related to thanklessness, each with its own unique implication and usage. Whether in writing or conversation, these expressions can help articulate the often complex feelings that come with being unappreciated.

Expressions Related to Thanklessness

1. Taken for granted

Meaning: Assumed to always be available without appreciation.

Example: Her help was always taken for granted.

2. Thankless task

Meaning: A job that receives no gratitude.

Example: Cleaning up after the event was a thankless task.

3. Cast pearls before swine

Meaning: Offer something valuable to those who don’t appreciate it.

Example: Giving him advice is like casting pearls before swine.

4. Bite the hand that feeds

Meaning: Harm someone who supports you.

Example: He bit the hand that feeds by lying to his boss.

5. No good deed goes unpunished

Meaning: Acts of kindness often lead to trouble.

Example: I tried to help with the error, but no good deed goes unpunished.

6. Throw back in one’s face

Meaning: Respond to someone’s kindness with rudeness.

Example: I offered to help, but she threw it back in my face.

7. Look a gift horse in the mouth

Meaning: Critique what you’re given for free.

Example: Complaining about the car he was given, he looked a gift horse in the mouth.

8. Spit in the soup

Meaning: Ruin or degrade something beneficial.

Example: By spreading rumors, he spit in the soup.

9. Turn one’s nose up at

Meaning: Reject something disdainfully.

Example: She turned her nose up at my homemade cake.

10. Kick in the teeth

Meaning: A severe setback or disappointment.

Example: Losing the contract was a kick in the teeth, especially after all our hard work.

11. Slap in the face

Meaning: An action that insults or disregards someone’s efforts.

Example: Not being invited was a slap in the face after all I did for them.

12. Not give the time of day

Meaning: Ignore someone completely.

Example: He’s so thankless, he doesn’t even give her the time of day.

13. Take the wind out of one’s sails

Meaning: Discourage someone by removing their enthusiasm.

Example: His harsh words really took the wind out of her sails.

14. Not lift a finger

Meaning: Do nothing to help.

Example: Even in busy times, he won’t lift a finger.

15. Play the ingrate

Meaning: Act without gratitude.

Example: She played the ingrate after receiving so much support.

16. Overlook one’s contributions

Meaning: Fail to recognize someone’s efforts.

Example: They overlooked his contributions at the award ceremony.

17. Withhold praise

Meaning: Not give the acknowledgment deserved.

Example: Even though she excelled, her manager withheld praise.

18. Leave in the lurch

Meaning: Abandon someone in difficult times.

Example: When the project failed, he left his team in the lurch.

19. Pay lip service

Meaning: Express loyalty, respect, or support in words but not in actions.

Example: They pay lip service to the cause but do nothing practical.

20. Gratitude is the least of virtues

Meaning: Highlighting that gratitude is rare or minimal.

Example: Seeing his reaction, I guess gratitude is the least of virtues.

Expressions Related to Thanklessness