Learn 20 Expressions Related to Sympathy

Sympathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It helps us connect with people and offer support during difficult times. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 expressions that convey sympathy, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence to illustrate its use.

1. Lend an Ear

Meaning: Listen carefully
Example: She always lends an ear to her friends.

2. Heart Goes Out

Meaning: Feel deep sympathy
Example: My heart goes out to the victims’ families.

3. Feel For Someone

Meaning: Sympathize deeply
Example: I really feel for him in this tough time.

4. In One’s Shoes

Meaning: Imagine someone’s situation
Example: Try to put yourself in her shoes.

5. Cry On One’s Shoulder

Meaning: Seek comfort
Example: He needed to cry on her shoulder after the news.

6. Bear With Someone

Meaning: Be patient and supportive
Example: Please bear with him; he’s going through a lot.

7. Share One’s Grief

Meaning: Express shared sadness
Example: We share your grief during this difficult time.

8. Reach Out To Someone

Meaning: Offer help or comfort
Example: She reached out to him after hearing the news.

9. Feel Someone’s Pain

Meaning: Empathize deeply
Example: I feel her pain after losing her pet.

10. Hold Someone’s Hand

Meaning: Offer support
Example: He held her hand throughout the ordeal.

11. Comfort Someone

Meaning: Provide solace
Example: She tried to comfort him after the accident.

12. Be There For Someone

Meaning: Offer support and presence
Example: I’ll always be there for you, no matter what.

13. Give Someone a Shoulder

Meaning: Offer emotional support
Example: She gave him a shoulder to cry on.

14. Console Someone

Meaning: Provide comfort
Example: He consoled her after the breakup.

15. Take Someone Under Your Wing

Meaning: Protect and mentor
Example: She took him under her wing after the tragedy.

16. Stand By Someone

Meaning: Offer steadfast support
Example: He stood by her during her illness.

17. Show Compassion

Meaning: Demonstrate empathy
Example: She always shows compassion to those in need.

18. Give Sympathy

Meaning: Express condolences
Example: They gave their sympathy to the grieving family.

19. Offer Solace

Meaning: Provide comfort
Example: He offered solace to his friend in mourning.

20. Ease Someone’s Pain

Meaning: Reduce suffering
Example: She tried to ease his pain after the loss.

Expressions Related to Sympathy