Learn 20 Expressions Related to Injustice

Injustice is a harsh reality many face, whether in everyday life, politics, or social issues. Understanding expressions related to injustice can help articulate these experiences more clearly. Here are 20 expressions to enhance your vocabulary and express the concept of injustice effectively.

1. Turn a Blind Eye

Meaning: Ignore something wrong
Example: He turned a blind eye to corruption.

2. Bend the Rules

Meaning: Alter rules unfairly
Example: They bent the rules for their own benefit.

3. Above the Law

Meaning: Exempt from law
Example: He acted as if he was above the law.

4. Get Away with Murder

Meaning: Escape severe punishment
Example: He got away with murder in that case.

5. Take the Fall

Meaning: Accept blame unfairly
Example: She took the fall for the manager’s mistake.

6. Stack the Deck

Meaning: Arrange unfair advantage
Example: They stacked the deck to win the contract.

7. Pass the Buck

Meaning: Shift responsibility
Example: He always tries to pass the buck to others.

8. The Scales of Justice

Meaning: Fairness and equality
Example: The scales of justice seemed unbalanced in his trial.

9. Tip the Scales

Meaning: Influence unfairly
Example: Wealth can tip the scales in court.

10. Throw Under the Bus

Meaning: Betray someone
Example: He threw his colleague under the bus to save himself.

11. Blind Justice

Meaning: Impartial judgment
Example: Blind justice should prevail in every court.

12. Bury One’s Head in the Sand

Meaning: Ignore problems
Example: He buries his head in the sand about inequality.

13. Fight an Uphill Battle

Meaning: Struggle against odds
Example: Fighting for justice often feels like an uphill battle.

14. Carry the Torch

Meaning: Advocate for a cause
Example: She carries the torch for social justice.

15. Cut Corners

Meaning: Do something poorly
Example: Cutting corners in law enforcement leads to injustice.

16. Keep in the Dark

Meaning: Withhold information
Example: They were kept in the dark about their rights.

17. Play Favorites

Meaning: Show bias
Example: The judge was accused of playing favorites.

18. Rub Salt in the Wound

Meaning: Make things worse
Example: Ignoring complaints rubbed salt in the wound.

19. Throw the Book at

Meaning: Punish severely
Example: They threw the book at him for minor offenses.

20. Withhold Evidence

Meaning: Hide important information
Example: Withholding evidence led to a wrongful conviction.

Expressions Related to Injustice