Learn 20 Expressions Related to Hatred

Hatred, a powerful and often destructive emotion, has been articulated through various expressions in the English language. These phrases, rich with historical and cultural contexts, provide insight into how deeply ingrained this feeling can be. In this blog post, we explore 20 expressions related to hatred. Each one offers a unique perspective on aversion and animosity, giving us a linguistic toolkit for expressing these intense emotions in conversation or writing.

Expressions Related to Hatred

1. Bitter enemy

Meaning: Someone intensely disliked or opposed.

Example: They became bitter enemies after the dispute.

2. Bad blood

Meaning: Long-standing animosity or resentment between people.

Example: There’s bad blood between the two families.

3. Bear a grudge

Meaning: Maintain resentment or anger against someone for past offenses.

Example: He’s been bearing a grudge for years.

4. Have it in for

Meaning: Hold persistent ill will or intent to harm someone.

Example: She clearly has it in for her competitor.

5. At each other’s throats

Meaning: Fighting or arguing intensely.

Example: They were at each other’s throats all night.

6. Love to hate

Meaning: Enjoy disliking someone or something.

Example: He’s the character you love to hate.

7. Burn bridges

Meaning: Destroy relationships recklessly.

Example: He burned bridges with his harsh words.

8. Cut to the quick

Meaning: Deeply hurt someone’s feelings.

Example: Her remarks cut him to the quick.

9. A thorn in one’s side

Meaning: A constant source of annoyance.

Example: That issue has been a thorn in my side.

10. Hold with contempt

Meaning: Regard someone with disdain or disrespect.

Example: She holds her opponent with contempt.

11. Add fuel to the fire

Meaning: Worsen an already bad situation or increase anger.

Example: His comments just added fuel to the fire.

12. Make one’s blood boil

Meaning: Cause someone to be very angry.

Example: The unfair decision made her blood boil.

13. Not see eye to eye

Meaning: Not agree with someone.

Example: They often don’t see eye to eye.

14. Set one’s teeth on edge

Meaning: Annoy or irritate someone greatly.

Example: His constant whistling sets my teeth on edge.

15. Wash one’s hands of

Meaning: Disassociate oneself from an activity or person.

Example: I’m washing my hands of this whole affair.

16. Bear malice toward

Meaning: Have a desire to harm others or wish them ill.

Example: He doesn’t bear malice toward anyone.

17. Blood is thicker than water

Meaning: Family relationships are stronger than other relationships.

Example: When it came down to it, blood was thicker than water.

18. At loggerheads

Meaning: In strong disagreement.

Example: The partners were at loggerheads over the decision.

19. Give someone the cold shoulder

Meaning: Deliberately ignore or snub someone.

Example: She gave him the cold shoulder at the party.

20. Kick against the pricks

Meaning: Resist or rebel against something that is inevitable.

Example: He was just kicking against the pricks with his protests.

Expressions Related to Hatred